Sienna and Waystalker still spamming

The playstyle for Sienna and Waystalker still has not changed enough. They can still spam on champion difficulty, making other classes feel obsolete. They kill most of everything, single clanrats and specials. If there is no wave or boss to fight other classes can chose to waste ammo on clanrats to get some action or just follow and do nearly nothing.
A big reason for that is that they can oneshot specials with low cooldown ultis, that even fly out of vision/ range of other weapons. These ultis are just as strong as other bufflike ultis, but have a lower cooldown and require only one buttonpresss to be very effective. A buff, shield, dash or taunt require setup and/or teamplay.
On top of that Waystalkers regeneration passive is too strong. I never thought of it being that strong, but after seeing a Kerillian taking 3k damage on champion, while other players still had 1k average i was shocked. That Kerillian did not take all healing items. At least 1,5k had to be regeneration. Slightly shocked i forgot to take a screenshot, but there will be another oportunity, i am sure.

Waystalker ammo is ok, but healing still really strong. That could stay as her major strength, though. Ulti cooldown might be a bit low, but decreasing timers on other ultis is probably better than nerfing that. Ranged specs should not lose their focus completely and more nerfs to Waystalker would probably hurt the game.

A lot of other changes for the release were very good and bosses are challenging encounters again, which is great.


The point of nerfs is not to change playstyle you know…


they just gutted her passive if you payed any attention. just what i expected to see… even after being nerfed into the ground more “QQ waystalker still OP NERF MOAR!” threads.

if you would actually look at stuff before just assuming you would also know that her regen now only works if she is below 50% hp… which also makes multiple talents of hers NOT WORK unless she’s below 50% hp… they also nerfed her level 25 talent in almost half… and still not happy…

why don’t we just delete every hero and play some peasant with a stick?


and when i say almost in half… i mean it used to restore 50% ammo and now it’s 20%… she has to ult for a bardin ammo drop… assuming they didn’t also cut that in half.

First there has to be a playstyle established. Nerfs and buffs also often impact and change playstyles or “the meta” in other games.

Just to make it clear. In the one game in question Kerillian took 3k damage, 3 times as much as other heroes. She did not take all healing items. She dealt top damage and spammed her bow endlessly. Talking about “nerfed to the ground” is just hilarious.

Yes, but should it be like that? My answer is “NO”. Champion should offer some challenge.

Nightmare was a joke in v1 so… /shrug, also I highly doubt a kerrilian took 3k damage in 1 game without using HP pots or being rezzed 60000 times, proof or it didn’t happen.


She used hp pots and she was rezzed 3 times. That was comparable to the other heroes. I will have to play some more games, but you should see similar numbers anyway.

They force abandonment of playstyle. Moving to the next imbalanced thing.

Ranged specs playstyle should be to be ranged, its melee specs that need a buff as even tanks are more preffered than them.


Fatshark literally said on the stream earlier today that there is a pretty even balance of every character picked. Like, it’s almost 20/20/20/20/20.

I literally had to create an account to tell players like you “if you suck at this game stop complaining about other heroes being op!!” The waystalker got nerfed so hard she is almost useless in veteran and champion difficulty! Yes she may seem OP in recruit as any half decent player can make any champion seems op. Just please stop complaining you guys are ruining the game! Ranged characters now are lacking hard because of it…


anyone can top damage charts by being an idiot spamming left click and not trying to block, shove, or protect team, and wasting resources like healing potions in favor of being overly reckless… on top of being picked up over and over again…

Exactly! Instead ranged took a nerf (anything with ammo) unless you are a dwarf running the overheating mechanics weapons.

Saying that other people are sooo bad and then state that a perfectly fine hero is useless makes you seem like a MLGpro.
By the way, i edited my original post. Waystalker is fine, not sure about Sienna.

The hero got nerfed if you haven’t noticed so it’s not really Fine when other classes are more powerful. A ranger shouldn’t lack that hard and struggle in higher tier games. I think you missed the whole point/ conversation. I’m talking about waystalker they just feel too weak after need to be honest. Again in harder games vet/ champ mode.
Okay just looked at your edit and her ammo took way much of a nerf. Again you are describing her as if she is strong man… her hp regen is actually terrible now as well. You must not have played harder difficulties yet Bc if you have you know hp regen doesn’t mean crap :confused:

God damn, every thread you make CannonballBardin is just to bitch about one aspect or another or cry OP about every other mechanic. Do you actually like the game? Because I literally just see you bitching endlessly.


The playstyle for Bardin still has not changed enough. They can still stand in a horde and not die, heal up with their ranger first aid talent, spam drakefire endlessly; making other classes feel obsolete. They kill most of everything, single clanrats and specials. If there is no wave or boss to fight other classes can chose to waste ammo on clanrats to get some action or just follow and do nearly nothing.
On top of that Ironbreaker damage immunity countdown passive is too strong. I never thought of it being that strong, but after seeing an Ironbreaker taking on an entire horde and sitting in the middle of a stormvermin pat, while other players were downed i was shocked. That Ironbreaker did not take all healing items. Slightly shocked i forgot to take a screenshot, but there will be another opportunity, i am sure.


let me tell you how you are wrong…in every sentence you said.

bardin playstyle never needed to be changed
they stand in the horde and not die because they have a class dedicated to being a tank (iron breaker extra stamina and ult and passive and you know common sense.)
they cant spam drakefire endlessly, if they get hit at all when they spool their drake up, they have to restart the process. the fire lasts about 5 seconds maybe 7 i dont remember and if they get hit, it stops the drakefire.
the other classes are not obsolete, you just don’t have the skill or mental capacity to aquire the skill to use them.
they don’t kill most specials. and their purpose is to stand in a horde to tank damage while the TEAM puts damage in on the horde. a proper ironbreaker will have a shield/weapon combo and either the shotgun or the irondrake and both of those are severely limited in range. so if he is killing more specials than you…you might as well refund the game.
the damage immunity countdown is a passive ability and blocks ONE hit every 20 seconds, however the talent CD takes it down to 13 seconds, which is still a while. but no his semi-passive ability is OP right? where as others are constantly active.
the ironbreaker doesnt need healing items, especially if he happens to have the amulet with passive regen. but knowing how you don’t think, you didn’t ask him. or he left the healing for you guys since you kept going down.
and the ironbreaker taking on an entire horde is kind of his purpose. you guys are all down, he has to aggro the horde so that they dont finish you guys off while you are down.
i like how you fail to mention his ULT which is meant to be used to aggro enemies to be a tank or to block attacks so that he can revive you since you can’t stay alive.

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what’d they change with longbow? i know swiftbow is really shining right now due to lower HP values on enemies. even works on legendary, which is funny if not sad.

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