Waystalker issue

i bought game yesterday i tought waystalker was a good hero but now that im lvl 15 i found out her heal is useless cauz she cant heal more than 50% and she is vry squish so . to me lvling this hero was a waste of time no survability at all im very disapointed i uninstalled the game won’t recommend the game to friends

The game is changing every day, new patches and changes are constantly being made. She won’t stay like this. Also, her handmaiden is class is very powerful at the moment, perhaps you should have tried a few other characters before quitting. But to each their own, I guess.

“I don’t like this one thing so I uninstalled and I’m gonna tell everyone not to play”.

I honestly can’t tell if these posts are serious anymore.

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Yes please uninstall and never come back

Can you tell me if you played any beta?
Can you tell me what you don’t like in talent which work as the tooltip says?

Do you know the game is about struggle to survive and block to block and dodge to block again make swing and block.
This game ain’t about one class be like: Hey! Look at me! I have healing over time effect on me! Hey you Restro Druid from WoW bow before me cose your hots are fancy no more. I am the king now!

This game is about playing with three other player - friends or randoms - and relay on them to survive, not on single talent.

Well it is sad to see so hars reaction of yours. But maybe try other classes?
Maybe try Handmaiden or Shade. I am Keri player with 210h playing with (as ups) her (90h in beta and 120 after release).

IF you would give the game another try I can show you other her aspects and tell what I learn so far on the road and maybe you will have fun?

Add me if you please, maybe I will be able to change your mind.

_Reading post @ Down I think he got me :frowning: _

This is such an obvious troll it hurts. Just don’t feed him anymore and let the thread die. (And if he is not the devs already said that lvl 15 talents are currently not working as intended and will be fixed asap)

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Please do not feed the trolls. :smiley:

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