The handmaiden gives no satisfaction

waystalker has a great ability to break the elite.
It’s also good for waves.
The guided missile gives good satisfaction with the hit sound.
Like I was a real elf.

Shade also has a hiding ability and a powerful back damage to get out of sight.
powerful damage gives satisfaction.

handmaiden passive and active do not give any satisfaction.
dash-revive? cool.
Even if you’re Uninterruptible, you have to deal with waves.
Your body can not survive.
Dash does not have effective stun.
I do not think it 's good.

block-revive? Anyone can do that.

And so is the 15lv talent.
Her 15lv talent is broken. something wrong.

Another career already gets it to 5lv.

Throughout all careers
15lv is an increase of passive.

But she is not.

Oh my mistakes.
her passive is a dodge distance.

Shadowstep : increases dodge distance 10%!
Effective enhancement of Passive!

The shade gets it to 5lv.
waystalker also.

And they get better talent at 15lv.

I do not think her passive is special.

Dash has a bleeding effect, which I think positively.
There is a part that can be improved.

But passive is not. I can not see the future.

There is no inspiration, no satisfaction.

sorry. I’m a little upset.

I think her passive can not show any of her characters.

dodge distance… really?

Is her leg strength a symbol of a handmaiden? I do not understand.

I want her to have her personality in the 15lv talent.

Double Dodge
Damage Immune Dodge

Or NEW passive… plz.


don’t see why you are hating, you must’ve been a waystalker main who didn’t like the waystalker nerf so you went to handmaiden and ended up dying a lot in your first game with her. now granted i am new to her class as well, did a lot of waystalker and shade but always skipped handmaiden.

anyways here’s my build so far, not perfect but it’s doing good in Vet for testing purposes.

extra stamina shield just in case she needs to do more defence, half damage when last alive, extra movement speed, kills grant temporary health (until i get max chance crit stats), and invisible for 3 seconds after dash. i chose this set up, because the hand maiden isnt a tank, but is meant to be a savior and flanker on hordes. so ideally she works best when paired up with an ironbreaker who has high stamina and smart use of his ult.

the 2 hand sword and swift bow is great for crowd control and is good with damage. and you get a decent amount of stamina too incase you have too many enemies to attack and have to defend. only downside is you have to use charged attacks on armored enemies.

also the dodge mechanic, it isnt to escape and runaway or to dodge into a horde. it’s meant for kerillian to stay on the edge of the horde, dancing in and out of harms way to get some attacks in and then dart out and repeat.

a lot of people are calling for changes for classes because they don’t play the way the class is meant to be used. (i.e. all those people in call of duty who go running around with sniper rifles trying to mow people down in CQC). like come on dude. hell her description even points out that she should stay outside the range of her enemies and use her long ranged melee weaponry to attack:

 "As the Handmaiden, Kerillian favors melee combat, **using the reach of her spears to deliver death to her foes before they are in range to retaliate.** Should an enemy close the distance, the armour of the Handmaiden is able to withstand a barrage of cuts, allowing Kerillian to retaliate with impunity."
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It made me feel a little uncomfortable that I was the only person who was waystalker.
I have been with most of the handmaiden. Up to this level.

here’s my build so far. Currently I am running on champion difficulty.

Almost 100 hours.
I tried and tried many things.

Of course I also tried 2h sword and I know it is good.
I enjoy using it.

You said that the handmaiden would play the role of savior and flanker.

As well as iron breakers, foot knights with rushing skills, and slayers can also be. With his knock-back jumps.
a handmaiden must consume 25lv talents for that.
Like the 10lv talent(Defiance), If her team needed the effects of the defiance, the team would have already been broken.
If it was more than the level of difficulty for the champions, they would have defeated.

anyway, I do not think this is the only possible handmaiden.
It is just a little more ‘handy’ than them.

I agree that the Dodge Mechanic is not just an escape.
but she is not the only one with Dodge.

As you say, unless this is a skill to escape, the dodge distance is less meaningful.
If dodge distance agrees that it does not help avoidance, it can be applied to kiting as well.
Just because the Dodge Distance is a little shorter doesn’t mean it can’t kiting

It is just a little more ‘handy’ than them. for kiting.

And ‘Handy’ does not have her advantage.
that’s why the team is not happy.
So they don’t care if she’s on the team or not,
This is why I think Handmaiden has a low character quality.
It does not satisfy me at all.

I hope you do not feel bad.
I just wanted to give an opinion.

I hope this discussion has a good influence on the handmaiden.

Sorry if you felt that you were aggressive.
Because I am helped by translator.

I’m still irritated that uninterruptible revives are something that the devs view as worth anything.

All classes can block while reviving, everyone essentially has uninterruptible revives by default


You’re all crazy. Handmaiden is scientifically proven to be the best elf subclass according to 9 out of 10 doctors. Her buffs are amazing. Her dodge distance is amazing. You can kite a bile troll safely with your bow out shooting him in his big ugly forehead the whole time not even having to worry about blocking or possibly getting hit. Her dash kills entire hordes in one hit. It also makes her invisible for 3 seconds allowing her to snipe a special out of a crowd unhindered. There is not a single class in this game that can kite a boss or a horde or literally anything as well as the Handmaiden. Handmaiden is my bae, so i am glad you don’t want her. She is mine. Keep your grubby hands off her.

Sigmar bless this ravaged body.

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Also, did you make this post and try to write a poem at the same time? Why is every line like 3-5 words, its bugging the crap out of me, explain your reasoning good sir.

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It’s a rap lol

The dash feels very fun. And on Champion today leveling her, did the ol’ concentration pot to save the day on Against the Grain, 2x.

First, from the boss silo to the grim house to help the two remaining teammates against the troll, after trying to help the last teammate who’d been separated by storm and horde and went down. Then, after these other two teammates also went down, another conc pot to sprint through the map; the barn, the field, the first revive in the pond, only for him to get stomped by the troll and mobs, then the wagon for the others, where we held and recovered.

The excitement of pugs

She doesn’t have the staying power of Knight Kruber, as OP recognizes, and so I currently build her for push angle and stam regen to be more useful. Kruber is also improved by push angle (on him I spec for health and get angle solely through gear). It sure is fun to Dash through the map though

Dash is not useful, it should be more powerful and do more damage or stun enemies like Footknight charge

uninterruptible revive is extremely useful, I like it

broader bock and wider dodge are useful

I like Handmaiden, with glaive is very powerful

What’s with these threads from 2018 being open? I thought they auto locked 7 days after the last reply.

That wasn’t the case in the beginning, and didn’t work retroactively. So the threads before the auto-locking started are still open, and if you look at the forum posts from the “suggested topics” section below (like new users easily do), you’ll see a lot of the old threads there.

Yeah, I wish something could be done, but I think the platform doesn’t allow that kind of things aside from locking every old thread manually.

Handmaiden is the prettiest waifu elf, and she is fine as it is. Fact is, her dash is the most fun thing you could ever ask for, platforming around the maps in areas you didn’t think you could. You don’t know how satisfying it is to dash around invisible absolutely destroying hordes, or have a boss smack you back only for you to charge forward. In fact her dash is even more satisfying than Kruber’s FK charge, it is just how bloody amazing it is. Granted, I wouldn’t mind some of the talents be given another look but, so is the case with every other career still in my opinion.

I love Handmaiden, and I’d love to have her to be my handmaiden.

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Like if you still <3 Handmaiden in 2019.


Handmaiden is very strong as a Frontliner that also can peel from the group to deal with threats (by way of her invisibility after dashing).

I find the 2h sword and 1h axe, in the current patch, to be my go-to weapons. The added crit on sword push attack keeps swift slaying up ~80% of the time during fights, if not more and the ability to quickly dispatch of armored targets makes the axe strong imo as well.

Her dash is one of the best utility ultimates in the game for both repositioning and kiting making her incredibly safe.

Talents I typically run with are 3, 2, 3, HP on number hit, 3s invis (forget the order of talents for last 2 tiers)

Glaive or dual daggers all the way. Hagbane for ranged to solo bosses. Hagbane + strength potion is insane. Her dash already destroys hordes, so dual daggers work fine on her. But, might as well run the glaive…

Whole your message is kinda messy, should train to clarify your thoughts.

Well, the reason you was given multiple heroes and careers, cause, you know, tastes through people kind of different, one can find its awesome, you find it boring.
Or there’s another reason. You probably doing something wrong and waiting result to be exiciting.

I can understand you, a bit. I started playing game on release, I wasnt playing V1 for much longer then 5 hours. So at the start of the game I was recruit player, to say least.
I’ve saw topics on this forum and reddit, about how “handmaiden is a juke queen”, and can carry team in mortal situations, and tried her out. Problem was, thats really me who was in need of saving.

So, point number one of the topic, I believe, to feel satisfaction from playing handmaiden, you need to be a VERY good player, and further - good team player.

Stamina regen aura - outdated

We all know that the voice not really used in game, there’s no ping system like in Apex, (ex. “Lets go here, dont wanna fight in a open space, or a crossroads, so enemies owerwhelm us from 4 directions”).
Most default legend runners are way lazy for this, and I dont blame them. So, cause of this, pretty much all of the time you are ending up facing boss/patrols/hordes in a terrible spots. Theres your time to shine.

Handmaiden is a support career, its obvious, even tho a lot of people used to play daggers and use shade playstyle while they were not nerfed. She got some extra HP, 125 by default, 150 with +20% health neck. Staying near your allies gives them double stamina regeneration. But, that is where first problem comes.

  1. Back in a good ol’ days we had a bug, gain stamina, if you have low stamina, every time you gain hp (temp included). That was changed, talent for gaining stamina on kill is not a thing, so developers decide to double base stamina regen for all charecters, and delete delay of gaining stamina after pushing. That hit Handmaiden really hard, in terms of supporting.
    Back in a days, when I was playing falchion BH or mace Kruber ambushes was really a pain for me, especially on Athel Yenlui forests. There’s no good space to hide from ambush, slaves coming from all sides. You need a lot of stamina and good dodge count to protect yourself in that situation. So I loved when I had good Handmaiden in team. You had your stamina very quickly back. Now I dont even know if you possibly can ran out of stamina. Even if you feel so, just equip 30% stamina regen in trinket and no Handmaiden nedeed.
Dash is still very strong

Back when daggers were not nerfed if was straigt OP. Use daggers for elites, use dash for hordeclear. That was pretty much it, huntsmans and BHs cried in a corner with their double digit kill number in the stat screen at the end.

Todays dash - still very useful. You can mess with an axe, you can bring double swords, you can abuse spear push/cleave, but nothing will deal be even close to dashin trough fanatic’s horde running in a straight line.

Very short CD and invisibility talent makes its kind of nobrainer, but you really should think when to use it.

  • For example, Handmaiden have very low chance of failing to boss, even to Chaos Spawn cause of her passive - increased dodge. When I last was playing HM we faced pretty much “defeat situation”. Convocation of Decay map. We walking to the last helaing pot in the very start of the map, and ambush and Chaos Spawn appers. I think: "There’s no way back, the cage corridors are aweful for facing any kind of boss, plus ambush is pretty ripperonies. I ran and charged through couple elites to the sewers arena. I catch Chaos Spawn before he went into corridors, where my team was fighing ambush, and dodge-danced with it for a good two minutes without using dash while team was facing other problems.

That is actually plays, which gives you satisfaction from HM.

Other good way yo use it - you can cancel dash early just to garraty yourslef 3-4 second safety while you are aiming those bastard gas/gunners/gutterrunners

And dodge passive is a key to make "enjoyable" plays

HM is not tied to any kind of melee weapon, I feel like, exactly cause of dodge passive.
While Shade tied to double-whatever wheapons cause of ultimate damage, and Waywatcher tied to good protetion weapon (dodge count, dodge range), cause she have not talents for dodge distance, only thing that HM cares of is attack speed.
Tho attack speed can be gained through forge enchancements, and dodge distance can be not.

So, thats other way to enjoy HM. One game with 1H Sword, second game, with spear, third game with 2H sword, 4th game with glaive, 5th game with double swords. That is what I personally like about HM the most

On enjoyable character

Those shiny high boots are definitely my fetish :heart_eyes:

Bile troll? Anyone can kite that big dumbass to death, its not difficult by any means ._.

Heck even normal rat ogre can be kited to death as long as you play safely.

Only one that is annoying is the spawn because it moves a bit quicker than the rest and heals if the heavy attack hits.

From what i can tell the handmaiden is basically built around the spear, it has great synergy with all her passives giving stamina/stamina regen and power as well as dodge distance.

So if you like to use the spear and easily deal with hordes on your own then handmaiden is great, otherwise not i suppose.

I myself like her a bit more than the shade as i prefer more upfront fighting.

far from truth from my experience.
HM is one of elven careers which dont really care much which weapon you choose

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