Melee feels unrewarding

Let me start off by saying I’m not a long time player, I started playing a few days ago. But I played a lot. Got the elf to level 25. I played mostly Handmaiden with 2 friend, one plays Sienna the other plays the dwarf with guns.

Melee as a handmaiden is fun, it’s engaging, you have to dodge, block, shove and use your dash strategically to be successful. However, the range on enemy attacks is so off… It’s very hard to dodge their attacks, its like my hitbox is immense or there weapon magically extend way over what I actually see.

I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at it but I kept being crushed in damage kills and basically everything by my teammates despite overgearing them severely.

So, I just started shooting everything with the +40% ammo talent. It was just so much more effective and I rarely ran out of ammo on most map. I killed more enemy, did more damage and took less damage and started to dominate the score board for minimal effort.

Then I figured, I’ll just play Waystalker. Wow, I can just run around and maw everything down, point and click no need to dodge, block, shove or use ult wisely.

So lets talk about risk/reward, what is the point of going melee if you have to put triple the effort to do half the job. There is NO reason to go melee.

My suggestion is to make dodging more forgiving and give more damage reduction to melee character.


Play as you like. Tho going on champ will turn you 180 degree.

Try out Shade with Glaive come back and share with us what you like more then=]

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I tried shade for a game, felt pretty underwhelming. I just feel that melee need some kind of buff, they are fun to play but so week compared to range.

Pretty much what he said.

For me its the other way around, absolute hate casters and range only characters, to each their own I suppose.

Impressive game, I will give shade another shot

Give it a shoot.
I love shade. On beginning I was like you about Kerillian. Waystalker was my thing. I loved how I can shoot with no matter for arrows. Trait on bow with 2x arrow returned on crit + trueshot returning ammo.
I was super happy about where waystalker is. Eliminating almost instant specials with F, the feeling when you hear that assa is coming … in the moment he jump on someone you shoot. Your team mate try to yell assassin on me, but before he ended the sentence, special was already dead.
But then I go forward and “meet” Champion difficulty and I felt that I lack compare to others in like almost every aspect of gameplay. I try some Handmaiden and Shade. I do love them both and depend on my team setup i choose who to play.

I need to say it. With shade you can one shoot chaos warrior on every difficulty with no risk at all.
Vermin patrol? No problem you can ez kill 6 of them before they will turn to attack you. with glaive. There will be no other class that could beat you in boss damage. But this last one is comming with price. There is 100% chance that you will have agro on you. Best friend for you to face that is Concentration potion.
Those are reasons that shade become my thing.

Play some, but give it day or two. Not one or two games. Going from waystalker to shade can be hard.
And it is 180 turn around as on shade you will stop most likely using bow. I mean on “daily” basic, as you will save ammo for special only. But if you have Sienna in party not even then, as she is The Lady of Ranged play.

Just thing to remember: as Shade you can use F for many occasions but do not waste it on normal mobs never. In a matter use it as back up plan. If you think you going to die use it and run to safe spot. If one of your teammates is down but there is s*itstorm going on use it and revive him.
In some rare case mobs will see you after using F, don’t know how exactly this work. I think is related when mob attack you and the animation of attack is already “on” when you used F he will hit you and you will go out from shadow, but in most case you will be safe.

I’m still hoping the “enemies can hit you when they shouldn’t because of the distance” is a P2P problem and dedicated servers will help with that tbh. Hated it ever since V1.

Melee is find in its current state, the issue is how much ammunition certain classes can bring. Ranged weapons should be a higher damage, lower risk alternative to melee, with the drawback of limited use. The problem is that certain careers never run out of ammo, and just run around killing ambient trash. This isn’t helpful, as the mobs just wandering around aren’t a threat, and it makes the level outside of events (hoards/bosses) boring for every one else.

Something needs to be done to encourage ranged classes to conserve ammunition for hoards and bosses, without ruining their ranged focus.

That’s often happens if you’re not hosting. So you either have to host, or play extra conservatively. In time you will see attacks that should not hit you, but do it anyway, and possibly learn to dodge/block most of them. Basically, you have to know about the atteck before it happens, so you could dodge in advance. And also they test all weapons with no ping, so some of them are unplayable with ping over 100, or even over 50.

Meele is rewarding in “fun” and “get good” aspects. A lot of game content is hidden in mastering different meele weapons. It is the focus of the game. And it’s sad to hear, that newcomers choose to miss a lot of it, because it’s very hard to get into. And game 2 made it a bit worse, because we now have more enemies, hence more conditions to figure out.

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