Thank you for your patch

I enjoyed this game. I loved playing qp or with my friends. Sometimes I dared myself to do solo legend deeds and sometimes I succeede.

I would like to thank fatshark to destroying and taking away any skill and experience me or any of my friedns had in this game. Now we cant even teamplay legend because all chars and items are too weak.

I dont understand why you have to level your 30+500 characters to get the most needed talents. I dont get why you have to suffer your weak characters trying to get to level 35 when you achieved the mastery months ago…

To be honest this patch is the most disappointing ever. I dont want to go into the expansion itself but what you did to most of the players who enjoyed this game is beyond understanding.


Did you play after today’s patch ? It should solve some issues you have.

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you mean the patch where they lowered enemy stagger resist? that hardly changes anything I stated previously…

It should precisely help to adress this specific issue


It hasn’t affected hp overbuff.

Hp is not overbuffed :confused:


Jesus than just go to champion. Ive been playing that to get a feel for the new content and its great! There is no shame in that. And guess what not banging your head against a wall by playing legend (which they allways said will get much more difficult) actually makes you a better player. Because instead of complaining on a forum you actually PLAY the game and have fun.

Sorry that you got that answer but looking at the tidalwave of people complining here just really gets on my nerves…

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I dont even know why I have to tell you this but making enemies 0,001% weaker (from my pov) doesnt make you character stronger… it is still weak af

I think you totally misunderstood the whole point. Even if I play recruit, the characters right after the patch are substantially weaker. The whole gameplay experience is so bad that it is not even close to fun (as it used to be even grinding before). Taking away your ult talents from all your characters is just such a bad patch design, I dont understand how can I stress that enough.

Let me give you an exampe for the ult talent - I mainly play handmaiden as I like to play her as a clutch champ who can help carry the most difficult situations in the game. Take away my invisibility and my ult becomes a useless long dash. Why after hundreds of hours on handmaiden and having 30+500 levels I cant even have my talents? Why am I punished by taking them away from all my chars?

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I understand you to a certein extent but i think you are overdramatising it a bit. Because you make it sound as if that is a permanent thing. But it simply isnt.

getting all characters to level 35 is hours of absolutely no fun experience… overdramatising or not, the question still stands - why punish the players with such nonsense?

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btw if you think I am overdramatising - look at steam reviews…

Easy way to ignore this is to play weaves, your characters will also get normal levels while doing this.

“I think everything is fine, and I’m the only one that matters, therefore you are wrong.” -Froh


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“I don’t think like another poster so I try some sarcasm”

I dont like weaves… and even if your point means that I am forced to buy the expansion to lessen my no fun experience time by around 5%?

You are still missing the main point - why did fatshark take away from us what we already grinded? Sometimes several times? (talking about talents)

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Oh I got the main point and I said that was a strange idea but grinding to 35 isn’t that long and also isn’t needed to enjoy the game. It’s a bit troublesome that they chose this path but it’s far from being something that make you uninstall

isn’t needed? No Escape is pretty friggin important and grinding those 5 levels ASAP without it was awful.

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I don’t think anyone here can answer that.

But seriously, it’s five levels. Calling it a grind is ridiculous.
And if you so desperately need that final talent to play whatever difficulty you were on before the patch, just play on a lower one until you get it. XP is the same on all difficulties.

OK I just tried :slight_smile: 4-5 hours on champion and got about 1,5-2 levels of progress throughout the characters (I leveled only one of them to 31). Mostly because lower level people on champion are not doing really anything on this level as it is too hard for them. In most games I had 1-2 30+ levels and one really low level who just died every time.

This leads to total roughly 30+ hours of gameplay to get all your characters to level 35. Isnt that long you say? well this is 2 weeks of playing for me - not enjoying the game at all. Yes I didn’t enjoy any single champion game I just played with any of the chars. Before the patch I disliked maybe only battlemage.

Yes I know you can do the same by going fast recruit games. With that you can easily do 5-6 runs in one hours which gives you more than one level. Still so much time wasted just to get where we already were week ago…