Fully healed from Natural Bond

When bonded, if a player goes down and then is not healed, they will continue to heal, but if they are fully healed from bond, their screen will still be greyed out, and they can’t even heal themselves. It would be better if after fully healed from bond, that it goes back to normal.


Are you still playing this game on a 2018 patch?

I think what they mean is that since they have full health they can’t heal unless they get hit or get healed by a teamate which happens often with the waystalker

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Can fully heal but if your downed your put into a wounded state on champ+ still need to use heal or have other heal you to remove wound. It will only count as temp health from self heal but will clear wound cast improvement over previous iterations.

Correct, and if fully healed, why is my screen still greyed out, it doesn’t make sense.

Can argue the logic but you fell down and now have brain damage without a health pack or draught the next fall will kill you regardless of green, otherwise a change to its functionality may bring a bigger balance issue.

Be satisfied you can heal yourself because prior you were doomed if a med kit was not spent on you by an aware teammate.

Because you are wounded, you still have nurgle present inside and only shayla green pi.ss can heal it :wink:


Right now you can heal someone else with a med kit and clear your wound. Should work even if you’re full health.

The smart. Ove would be to heal yourself as soon as possible to be on the safe side, just to clear the wound, even if it only gives you temp hp.

The Chad move would be to down any player that tries to heal your wound, because living on the edge will force you to play better, so that you don’t go down again.
^ best option


The time it takes to fully heal with NB is just too long, exactly 6 minutes for 72 hp (most charaters health with proper gear and 2 grims), that is at least 1/3 time of an average run, provided you dont take any further green health damage. You are more likely to find healing items during such a timespan…
Waystalker can boost this (for herself or the whole team) along with GK if he gets the proper quest but on high difficulties it barely matters if you dont have damage reduction or thp or if you cant manage to get hit less in general.
The fact that you still need to heal after being full hp is simply a gameplay mechanic and also forces people to be more careful.


All your comments are known already. The suggestion is , after fully healed with bond, to be fully recovered. Just a suggestion.

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Frankly I’d remove the regen part from this trinket:)
It messes up with Zealot’s gameplay…

I’m curious about the line of thought behind this comment. Please explain.

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Natural bond only works for the player using it. If it messes up zealot you should use a different trait.

Well, naturally many people use this trinket as Zealot: you can first lower your hp then all the heals you do yourself come as temp hp - you can keep your stacks of Fiery Faith longer (temp hp doesn’t count). However this regen thing messes up things by slowly healing you. Its healing is to trivial to use it for the heals.

You are doing something wrong if you need healing as zealot

Natural Bond was made for zealot. So many people think that getting 1 health every 5 seconds makes it bad. Literally gives you full temp hp, and even if your health gets somewhat high you can always take a few hits and do it again.


Still worse then other traits for zealot.

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If your health ‘get’s somewhat high’ and you need to take a few hits to activate 5 or 6 stacks of Fiery Faith again, do you then drink a potion to top yourself of with temp hp?
That sounds awfully selfish if you aren’t running solo.
If you use Holy Fortitude (which i think almost every zealot does) the effect of nb is almost doubled, so the perfect stack will be gone even faster.
Wouldn’t just taking Boon of Shallya for 30% increased healing be generating a better outcome, without the need to take a few hits and wasting healing supplies in the first place?


I still don’t get it. If you missed Mattie’s reply, I’ll quote it below.

Honestly, I’m not sure if you’re just trolling or not when looking at what you post.

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They mean it gives temp hp when using healing. So you are max temphp instantly

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