I miss the in game visible trinkets

I miss the way you used to be able to see player trinkets on their characters. With the way trinkets can be re-rolled now it’s would not be useful information, but I’d love to see them.

I also love to see what traits people have equipped the amount of people I’ve gotten frustrated with who are not healing is… (DAMN natures bond!)


Would be nice if the icon of the trinket was tied to the trait. Would give a reason to physically display them on character models as at the moment the icons are pretty surperfluous apart from helping identify specific trinkets in your inventory.


I would like a frowning face icon for natural bond users. Seriously, stop using it in legend. It’s garbage. Under no circumstances is it worth using, you’re just a detriment to your team.

Idk where all that anger comes from, but that’s a game with multiple options and people are free to use whatever they like. Also I am sorry to say that, but the world doesn’t revolve around your personal opinion, and a lot of people might not agree with you. And that’s not limited to Natural Bond at all.

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I’ll agree with you if you can list ONE reason why natural bond would be worth using over other traits.

It saves meds for your other teammates.

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It saves med-kits to be used on you, sure. And wastes time as you disappoint your team while you type out “I can’t heal myself”.

But we’re getting off topic.

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Natural bond is only as bad as the player that uses it.


I’d like to see a run(on legend)where you make it through without needing someone else to heal you. Maybe on IB or FK, but even on them literally every other trait is better.

Happened plenty of times. I only use it on zealot, foot knight, slayer and handmaiden. Pretty much everyone that takes way less damage which makes the regen more worth while.

You’re god-tier at dodging then. I salute you.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the hate for regen as well. Saw enough braniacs with 100 hp classes that could not block a slave rat hit to save their lifes that used it too.

I’ve just played hundreds of legend games, where I’m yet to see a natural bond user not take damage and need someone to heal them. When you look at the other traits, I’m at a loss as to why anyone would use it. Why not 30% more healing, or chance to proc another med, or heal yourself while using meds on another. It just baffles me lol.

I use NB on all my characters and personally would rather not people see it and have them kick me on sight without giving me a chance. I generally go through maps without requiring anybody heal me. I will instead, generally heal others to clear wounds. On low HP chars, the regen is quick enough where healing you is wasted, on high HP chars you generally don’t go down so you don’t need it. I can’t remember the last time i actually had to ask someone to heal me, either i am so low on HP that they will automatically do it like for anybody else or i can just clear the wound myself. If there are excess draughts around, that’s usually when it gets awkward.


The trick is to pick a tome as soon as possible, to pretend being normal. And when they realize, that something’s wrong, it’s already too late for kicking, cause you have already proven being worthy. :smile:


Have used NB w/o issue for the entirety of my playtime w/o issue. On anyone with any degree of horde clear, it’s simply OP unless you just can’t avoid damage ever. I virtually never require healing and, if I do, it’s because of a silent spawn or some rare buggy bullshit I have no control over. NB allows you to play far more liberally, going conservative when needed but overall upping your DPS dramatically. Its healing output is very high.


2hp per 10 seconds. For a 100hp char with no buffs, that’s 8:20 minutes.
With 20% hp from necklace, 10 minutes.
150HP char, 12.5 minutes. For max HP, 217.5, 18.125 minutes.


Its nice to see the stats… Kinda puts the actual healing done in perspective. Now I feel better about the 25% chance not to use the healing item. Though I think NB on mercenary Kruber with his additional healing trait makes it pretty viable. Especially since he’s really good with building up temp health.

And with temp health, you don’t have to worry about it because you’re perma-topped anyways. Works perfectly on IB, WS, Sienna… Anyone who can fill their temp health at will. Have had lots of runs with 3-4x NB users and it’s solid. Unless someone is getting downed constantly, it’s better. Also, the get you can clear wounds by healing others means you don’t waste medkits regardless.

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I might actually test if it helps, the problem is if you can’t have .3 of a hit point, it can’t heal for 2.3hp.

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