Many Talents and Traits are worthless (gear + career)

I love the idea to implement careers.
But as often mentioned - so many traits are just not worth taking, making the so-called choice a nobrainer. Nobody will ever notice 5% more movement speed! It’s like nothing.

Then the orange perks on gear - it often doesnt make a difference whether to use good blue gear or orange. In addition, many orange perks are just very boring. Like taking less damage for 10 sec after being healed or having this slight chance of a bomb not be consumed etc.

Whereas the perk which gives you regen and makes healing-potions effectless has a huge effect on your match. More of such gamechangers would be cool.


Yeah, it’s trash.

you obviously misunderstood me.

I don’t say it’s good -
I took it as an example for something that is innovative (= not boring) and has a REAL effect on your gameplay.

Things like 25% chance for a bomb not being comsumed etc. - not very exciting.
Would always prefer blue gear when I like the stats a little more.

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Responding to your comment about Natural Bond being “100% garbage” - this isn’t entirely true, as I am someone who uses natural bond effectively on Salz (Bounty Hunter) and Bardin (Ironbreaker), and haven’t had a teammate yet complain about it. What I’ve found was:


  • Helps offset friendly fire. That mage tickling you with beam staff? That dwarf lightly poking you with his drakefire pistols? Well, that all adds up and often times before I know it I’m half dead thanks to FF, then I have to blow a potion or medkit thanks to that.

  • It certainly helps more on tank classes with tons of HP (from trait/amulet), however ranged classes that don’t take any damage or rely on temporary health a lot (mage/salz) it’s pretty spiffy. I may be wrong but it appears to heal a percentage of health rather than a flat amount at a set time interval (correct me if I’m wrong), so I’m thinking the more HP you have the better it is.


  • Healing is pretty slow - really only makes a difference if you’re a class (or experienced player) that can avoid true HP damage by relying on Temp HP, or just dodging/blocking attacks that shouldn’t hit you. I find this to be effective on Mage/Salz specifically who clear hordes like a bause.

  • Yea, no potions or self-med-kits. Q_Q

But I do agree to some extent, I think the healing from it maybe can be a little more - especially with increased horde/special spawning on Legend missions (and lack of healing items to find) - feels like a big fight happens almost every minute sometimes.

As for the main topic of this post … yea, there are certainly traits that are, imo, not very helpful. Especially ones that focus on being out of ammo for a minor power increase.

There really are no advantages to using natural bond over 30% increased healing. Especially with lower consumables on legend. You need health, but the next consumable is a pot? No healing for you. To be honest, the trait needs to be removed/replaced with something different. Because it’s too fine of a line between being OP or useless.

Natural bond is as good as your skill. If you don’t go down more than once a game it is excellent as it makes the run more forgiving to the various chip damage that you take. If you are still taking lots of damage throughout the game then it isn’t for you, while if you are good enough you won’t need to be healed or at the most will need 1 heal per run.

Also move speed is good, it can mean the difference between making it out alive or not. When stacked with the talent for move speed, you can tell the difference it makes especially if you are skilled.

The only property I would say is useless is the increased revive speed, only time you need that is for boss fights where you can respawn in the fight area and you keep going down, which basically means you are not skilled enough to fight the bosses properly.

The advantages don’t outweigh the disadvantages. Even with the current state of legend, and especially beta legend, you’re going to get hit. Maybe I could see an IB using it with insane HP and damage mitigation, but if you’re a squishy class, ONE hit will take half your health if not more, leaving you crying in group that you can’t heal. It’s seriously a useless trait that only hinders the rest of your team. Watch some of the top players on twitch, even they get hit. Sniper globe rats anyone? Rattling gunners with wall hacks? Seriously, stop using it.

5% movement speed is epic actually. Depends on playstyle. Gear is perfect as it is–it gives slight edges to variety in gameplay and its awesome.

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I wonder which ‘top’ players you are watching. Lots of streamers claiming to be the ‘top’ are not really that skilled. The ones I know of rarely ever get downed in a game, and the conditions to down them usually also means that picking them up is also impossible. I myself run it even though my skill level isn’t anywhere near theirs and I only need around 1 to 2 heals at most per run, which helps to save heals for the rest. And yes, I use it on the careers with 100 hp as well.

Didn’t someone post a video of it not working with temporary health? I thought I saw a clip where if you had temp health it wouldn’t increase your HP until after the temp health depleted.

Can’t find the video so don’t take it as gospel.

are you serious?

did you play vermintide 1?
there you got 12% and this was just starting to be noticeable.
(after they’ve fixed it)

It works with temp hp

As someone who was using it before the buff, it was good enough, after the buff at 12%, it was too good, so being able to hit 10% with the correct talent is pretty good imo.

before the “buff” it was broken.

so the fact you already liked it at that time shows that you probably just want to like and feel it

thx. 5% movement speed is huge to me as well. it affects almost all my actions and as someone who relies on min maxing weapon swings and dodges with my range weapon, this is real important.

oh… oh. yes… yes! please buff it more! 20% why not!

Granted some of the traits are just too situational, but none of them are useless and it really depends on your playstyle. Stack movement speed bonuses from talent + trait on a Shade with dual daggers and you can block while running full speed and kite enemies for days. When playing Foot Knight I take Natural bond to balance out chip damage, since I have increased health and am generally hiding behind a shield - generally by the time I go down everyone else is already toast.

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