[PSA] 1 Medkit can remove down of 2 people. No trait required

If you have a down (grey screen), and use a medkit on someone else you will gain no HP, but your down will be removed (no more grey screen).

This is also good to know for people who have the regen necklace trait. You can remove your down by healing someone else with a medkit, and keep all the green hp you’ve gotten from your trait. Use this to your team’s advantage.

Pass the word around, every group I played with last night did not know this. This knowledge might save a run in a pinch, pass it around please. Thanks for reading.


Do you have the trait that heals you when you heal others? O.o

No, you don’t need that. You won’t get any hp back from healing someone else, it only removes your down count. So champion, legend, you can extend your life by being selfless.

Very interesting. Is this intended or is it a bug?

Good question. I’ll post it in bugs and see what they say. I hope not, because its a great mechanic that promotes selfless behavior for the team.


Lets hope they don’t fix it, it’s what makes natural bond usable at higher difficulties :slight_smile:

who said you can’t keep a band-aid from the medkit lol


damn mayfly healing tools…

Well if it is a bug… its one thing that should be turned into a “feature” like guard staying up while reviving someone did.

This definitely encourages team play.

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I heard about this. Tried it once. It did not work. I was really hoping it would work since I enjoy the regen necklace. Maybe its not 100%?

it always works 100% for me, because i use the regen necklace all the time on all my chars.

when you are dying, grab a health kit and patch someone else up, ur dying status will be cleared.

Yep, have regen and tried it yesterday, cleared my downed status, hope it’s intended and not a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Important to note to those confused that this won’t heal you, it’ll simply give you another down before you fall over dead. Still very useful if you’re carrying a healthkit and a grimoire and you and the other grimbearer took a nasty hit from something before getting pulled back up.


Works 100% of the time if the person who uses the medkit has the regen necklace (heal over time).
And healshare, obviously.

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It will work without the regen trait and without the healshare trait. You could be wearing all white gear with no traits at all and it will work.

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I gave this another shot recently and it worked. Pretty handy.