Healing someone while he's getting disabled wastes the kit

Issue Summary: Healing someone while he’s getting disabled uses up the medkit to no effect.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start healing someone on low health, but with no wound.
  2. Have him be pounced by an assassin while the healing is in progress.
    2a. Finish the heal.
  3. Kill the assassin, pick him up again.
  4. If he was low enough on health that the assassin would down him(assumption that this is connected), he will stay down and, after being picked up, have gray health and a wound.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Once - This isn’t exactly easy to test.

Additional Information:
I am unaware if the pounce needs to down the player or if the first damage tick is still ok.
I could add a screenshot here of a wounded Sienna, but that doesn’t prove anything.

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Also saw this happen a few times already.
Quite annyoing lol.

In step 2 are you completing the heal?

As far as I experienced it, you have to complete the heal.
Usually your teammate has to get downed (not necessarily by an assassin), right before you finish healing him.
It’s a very small time frame, in which that problem can occur.

Yes, I completed the heal. The kit was gone.
The teammate had 4 +x (a very small x) hitpoints when I started healing, and was hit by the assassin when I was halfway through the healing process. The kit was regularly used up.
I haven’t tested this with share to see if it’d still heal myself, but I assume that the teammate is downed, the heal is applied to his downed form, and when he’s picked up he’s reset to the ‘freshly revived’ form.

Maybe somewhat similar to how in the past, Zealot could revive himself if his passive came off cooldown when he was downed and he received a lethal hit?

Passed this on, thanks. Its likely the result might be something like we stop the healing from completing if the target is disabled mid-heal.

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