Allow us to heal ourselves with medkits/potions when at full health (health share talent)

Playing with the health share talent can be quite annoying. Often when there is a spare health potion and multiple people are missing some health it is most efficient for the person with health share to drink the potion and top everyone off. However when he is full hp he needs to be hit with friendly fire first because currently you cant heal when at full hp. This is very inconvenient.

Havent been in this situation yet but when multiple (or 1) person goes down during a hectic situation and he can’t be healed by other means you would want to heal yourself to remove the wound from the other player(s). I you happen to be at full health; gl with that.


Also allow healing allies with medkits when they are full HP. It’s not a daily or even weekly issue, but sometimes I have to shoot downed friendlies that have regened to full (natural bond) in order to remove wounded status.

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