Unable to heal teammateI

You are unable to heal teammate which have “last life” status, but have full hp due to Natural Bond regen/ twitch heal stuff.
You cant probably drink healing draught / use meds by yourself eirhee


Interesting. That’s something that most of us have likely not come across before and was overlooked due to rarity.
Good find.

The solution to this is to helpfully shoot your teammate; then you can heal them.

Same thing if you’re trying to drink a potion to clear others’ wounds with heal share, but your health is full – just ask someone else to shoot you so you can heal.


Im not stupid, i know solution. But what uf you are a slayer or out of ammo?

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I agree. There is a workaround but it’s not a 100% workaround. One could also say just get hit by an enemy, but that’s also risky since it could easily lead to death.
I’m in the camp that anyone should be able to be healed if they are bleeding out regardless of the amount of green HP.


I agree, but just to clarify – would this only apply when someone is on their “last life”, or would it mean anyone on Recruit/Veteran who has been downed at least once could be healed to reset their downed counter to zero? (This is obviously not an issue on Champion & up.)

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