More to report later but for now: Bots in 4.2 refuse to heal when on last life

Must be something to do with the new coding surely?
Patch note: Bots now use healing potion if they are at 40% health rather than 50%.

Regardless of what is going on in the game they refuse to heal.

Even when nothing is going on and no enemies of any type are around they still refuse to drink/med to get off last life…

It should always be a priority for a bot to get off last life as soon as possible like they did before 4.2!
Dont leave the problem going on for 2 months like you bot devs did with the item pickup/ping issue

The devs cause constant grief for themselves by not thinking about the impact such changes have. Why change something that has worked extremely well for years?


Believe it or not, I have a footage of that issue.
Kruber bot played stupid and went down. And then refused to drink his healing until we reached more medical supplies.


Thanks for posting that.

Before patch 4.2 your kruber bot would have happily drank that potion during that horde at many different points as im sure you know.

There are more solo/duo players who play with bots than premade groups of 3-4 players these days and to allow a change like this through is shocking. There is nothing wrong with the old system and it got changed today after years. Its baffling to me.


I would have liked to see bots heal themselves if they drop down to below 30% health, and heal themselves or another bot/player if they have downed once, no matter how much health they have.

It would be nice to have bots not heal zealot if he have not downed, since its annoying for zealot players and its a waste of a medkit.


Could the bot be taking his THP into account, even on their last life ?

Yeah, probably that’s the thing.

Or it’s confusing the Elf’s team regen with natural bond?

So, I ran a quick test in the modded realm to see their behaviour without natural bond.
Looks like they refuse to heal unless they’re below 40% hp or if there’s extra healing around and they’re wounded.
Nethier any regen passive, nor wounded state seem to have no meaning to bots.
The video:


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