Irrational Bot Healing behavior, revive priorities, and horde combat tactics

In the last match, all my bots fell down several times while trying to raise each other from poison clouds. In one egregious instance. One bot fell in the cloud, then another bot came into the cloud to rescue, before falling down; at which point the thrid bot entered the cloud to rescue… and fell down.

My bot who had natural bond (Kruber, huntsmen) would takin healing items, and NEVER use them. Not to heal himself when at wounded and at low (>10 hp), nor to heal his allies (wounded, <10 hp).

The game ended for me in the house drop down of Against the Grain. I was wounded, at <10 hp.
There were no enemies in the room. The bot Sienna (Unchained, Barkskin Trait), had a first aid kit, she was also wounded and with minimal HP, refused to heal me, herself, or the living bot (Also wounded, <10 hp). We waited in an empty room for 20 seconds, until the horde came, and we died. There was a wounded bot upstairs.

I don’t ever recall this degree of bot stupidity.
I understand that you want people to play with people, and so do I… but because of connection issues the choice is not that simple. In the last 10 or so matches, I have had to deal with intense lag, such that I was often being killed either by phantom hits (which entirely ignore my block) and lag spikes that lead to instant death in horde situations. This occurs in situations where my connection strength is GREEN. It occurs whenever I’m not hosting – I have a wireless connection, and I don’t have a choice about that.

I have a small group of friends that I play with, and now I’ve found the connection breaking in 50% of my matches. I try to host private games, playing with one friend at a time; but even this doesn’t always work. I am trying to work around the connectivity issues, but in doing this I am constantly, brutally confronted by faulty bot behavior – which makes it impossible for me to play on Legend.

Please fix this.

  1. If a bot is near the ONLY active player, and that player is wounded, and that bot has a healing kit, and there is no enemy within striking distance of the bot, force the bot to heal the player immediately. For some reason bots with healing potions know to pass them along, but they haven’t figured out healing kits. Hell, the game has enough technical problems at this point that I’d consider saying “Make the DAMN bot invincible when they’re healing the player, and force the heal action to override everything else." This is a bad solution, but it is superior (and in a sick way, fairer) than the current system.
  2. Under no circumstance should a bot ever enter into a green cloud to pick up a fallen bot. NEVER. The only conceivable circumstance where a bot should hop into a green cloud to perform revive is if the downed character is the last standing player character AND the bot has enough HP to survive the time in green cloud.
  3. When there is a horde, the bots need to remain close to the group. Automatically tighten up the formation. Without fail, a bot seems to die because for some reason, it veered away from the group and was destroyed. If a bot has to choose between taking a hit or becoming separated, the bot needs to take the damn hit.
  4. If a bot has natural bond and is wounded, and that healing item can’t be passed to a player. That bot needs to heal itself. If a bot has natural bond and is wounded and a player passes a healing item to the bot, that bot needs to heal itself. For a more complex solution, if a bot has natural bond, and is wounded, and there is another bot with non-full health, who has group heal. The NB should pass the potion to the group heal bot, and the group heal bot should chug.

Please work to address the underlying connectivity issues. If you want to charge me a yearly fee, but all games I play on are hosted on dedicated servers, I would pay.

Until then, recognize that your product has become so defective in certain cases, that you might need to take some radical approaches to mitigation, lest you lose your enduring player base falls off from attrition. This is coming from a player that has purchased all your DLC, while also buying 3-5 copies for friends; occasionally buying them DLC as well.

I realize this comes off as angry, I realize you’re addressing a number of problems at this point – but I think what scares/upsets me as a devoted player is the feeling that development priorities that I have/would pay for are being willfully ignored.

I want this to get better; otherwise, my only option is to walk away – and that prospect bums me out.


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