Make bots stop healing me when I'm playing Zealot

Simple as that.
Zealot generally wants to be at low HP, and it’s quite frustrating when the well-meaning bots rob me of my 30% power and 20% attack speed.

Force the bots to carry books (carry the only health kit yourself)

You can also not pick up anything (slot 3) yourself, if your slot 3 is empty bots will not pick up the item, seeing that your slot 3 is empty thinking that you are going to pick it up. This will deny them from auto picking up healing kits when your slot 3 is empty

Bout the best you can do at the moment. I did a lot of my 100 zealot achievement games solo with bots, I just played super aggressively and with the bots healed me I would play even more aggressive =p


Well, you only get 3 books close to the end of the mission, so this isn’t really much of a solution unfortunately.

I’m not sure what you mean by this but the advice is sound. Order bots to pick up draughts and books while you carry a kit. Or, don’t pick anything up and the bits won’t either.

Thats then gimping the bots out of healing themselves and one another.

I mean that you can only have the bots hands full of books close to the end of the missions.

Sure, in a few cases. Most of the time you get t least two books before getting halfway through though. Most of the time is a very vague claim btw. I’m not going to think more closely about the book locations in all maps :slightly_smiling_face:


In the end you will have to make a tactical choice about how you prefer to play the game. Zealot is one of 15 careers and not all Zealots play with stacks (for different reasons). How about som ideas for a solution? In the Baldur’s gate games you had the option to turn off AI, which meant no attack, no healing, no nothing. Maybe that would be a solution?

Dude, why are you trying so hard to find such half-ass solutions (which aren’t solutions at all) instead of admitting this is an issue?

Bots should only heal wounded players

They’re trying to give you a work around because chances of this “issue” being rectified by FS is close to nil.

Been an “issue” for a long while and most of us long time players have been so used to it it’s second nature.
If you’re playing Zealot with stacks don’t let the boys pick up med kits.

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Tbh it’s not an issue, it’s what bots are supposed to do. Not everyone plays zealot efficiently and gets low hp on purpose.
If you wanna play efficient zealot, then there are workarounds like people here suggested or just get healed sometimes and get ur stacks again.

I’d say playing zealot on low twitch cooldown and getting healing boon is more annoying then bots healing me like once a match

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I play wounded the entire match. Temp hp drops slower when wounded. Zealots need an opt out with regards to healing. Or we need all incoming healing to be temp health only.

well best solution would be get game command that need healing and bots reacts to that and its solved