Why are bots even allowed to heal. can you guys fix bots from healing

they are incredibly useless on tier 5. they eat damage on purpose and chain use heals. i jus crashed out of a game, my bot used a heal, i rejoined with the health i had before crash and the heal was used up. i see them constantly taking heals from players w/o actually providing any help in any way

solution: dont allow bots to use heals or let it be a free use from them w/o taking away from players. or w/e solution u guys can come up w/ as long as they dont waste heals. lets be honest, they are coded VERY badly. the only take damage and rush heals


Alternative solution: make bots not so fkin useless by upgrading their grey level 1 gear so they’re not in a god damn hi 5 just to troll. Also, why are they all only veterans? Why do they have no feats at all? Why is their ai so laughably bad? I don’t think there is a good excuse. If they can’t even handle that then you’d think the least that could’ve been done by now is stopping them from guzzling all of the heal charges back to back, but apparently even that is still far too “immeasurably complex” to pitch in.

this should be on the list of things to do asap… no control on bots not even pick up slots for grens / tomes etc via Tag wheel …

And they take ammo as well.

It wouldn’t be so bad if bots were actually levelled up, it’d be cool if bots were a random off-character from one of the players present.