The new bot patch made them worse

I appreciate the intention behind it, but now bots won’t heal themselves when they are bleeding, even if there’s extra supplies lying around, and even if you ping said supplies or tell them to pick them up.
This is absurd.

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they will heal themselves, if they have less than 40% health. fatshark made a blunder and made the bots only heal themselves when they have less than 40% health, even when that have downed once

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Yes, I’m aware, that’s quite the blunder. Also, having no way to tell them to use healing when there’s extra lying around is an other bad point. They used to do it before.

You’d think there could be a “Use heal” option on social wheel just like there’s a “drop grimoire”


I’ve thought about it, but that would still be unnecessarily annoying. Bots could and should use extra healing when it’s around, and especially use it when in a bleeding state. Imagine tough situations, like a face CW patrol, and you having to use the wheel to tell the bot you just clutch-ressed to heal itself…

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