Bots spamming each other healing potions and moving at 1/10th the normal speed

This causes all types of problems in my games and its unacceptable that the game is over 4 years old and its like im playing an extremely early alpha/beta for a new game.


I’ll never understand the bots in this game. Everything can be fine one minute, then 1 special can turn your entire bot team into scrap because they all insist on chasing it backwards through the map.

Also, they’ll just stand there lifeless with their range weapons out because they ‘sense’ a special but can’t see it. In the process taking every single bit of melee damage because they refuse to block or pay attention to the immediate threats in front of them.

I mean, i could go on…the constant healing and lack of staying with you is a whole other issue.

Ive played a bunch with bots on cata with both the bot improvement mod and without.

Ive only observed the behaviour you mentioned when using the mod which leads me to believe its an issue with the bot mod.

If you just keep walking and get them to teleport or get them into combat the issue generally solved itself for me as well.

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