Unquenchable Thirst Curse - Bots need a means of healing besides temp HP

Given that bots can’t drink potions and there are no other healing items with this curse, they end up dying extremely quick on Cata, especially with Beastmen and +Hordes.


So? Cata wasnt meant to be played solo with bots. So if you cant handle it, search for other players or get good enough to true solo.

Fixed that for ya. :+1:


The request isn’t unreasonable though. It’s a feature that clearly isn’t woring with bots.
Playing with players is ten times better, but you can’t always have that luxury, for a variety of reasons.


After experiencing this kind of problem myself and giving a thought to it, I think I can come up with some solutions for it.
First of all, allowing bots to use potions at will would turn potion management into a fustercluck just like with the regular healing draughts and medkits, and I doubt anyone would want that.
Alternatively, adding new social wheel commands like “Use healing” or “Drink potion” instead of ABSOLUTELY USELESS AND EVEN HARMFUL “Drop grimoire” seems to be a much better option.
But that’s just wishes, and most likely they will remain such.
For now I can suggest using Lifeshare potion. Basically, if you see that your bots are low on health and there’s a horde coming your way, use your potion and unload into the enemies. Another meh solution for a meh problem.


Lifeshare is a good temporary workaround and is usually what I use when doing CW with bots. I was thinking something along the lines of, “Drinking a potion while this curse is active also heals the bots for a portion of their health” might be a good solution. Not sure how feasible that would be to actually implement, though.

It’s just one in an already long list of features that any respectable AI should have.
Saying that bot AI is intentionally crippled because it is a coop game means saying that FS spits in the face of any player who cannot play with someone for any one of the numerous possible reasons.
Not that I beleive it’ll change, but it would be nice to be able to order bots to use any of their items just like a grimoire.


“Dude lmao just get good enough to be in the 1% of players who can true solo on Cata.”


If it wasn’t meant to be played with bots at all, FS would have made the game exclusively co-op. Co-op may be the primary focus, but as long as playing with bots is possible, there’s no real excuse to ignore clear design flaws, which is exactly what this is - a curse that’s absolutely trivial (arguably even beneficial to the team since it incentivizes people to actually take advantage of potions) when playing with other players should not suddenly become a massive handicap when playing with bots.

With all the other issues/bugs in the game, I don’t blame FS for not prioritizing QoL stuff like this, but it is something that warrants being looked into at some point, or at the very least a sanctioned mod.

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