Health Potions & Medkits - When To Use Them?

Something I noticed when playing Legend difficulty nowadays is that when people have a sliver of health remaining and they have medkits/health potion in their inventory, they don’t use it until they’re in critical condition (grayed-out). Their reasoning is that they want to be in that state to “get out most of the healing to increase survivability”, and “I have temporary HP talent so don’t worry”. While I do understand their reasoning, I’m probably one of the people out there that disagrees with these kind of reasoning (special exception goes to Zealot because of their high risk, high reward/damage playstyle).

It’s annoying when someone is at low health, has a health potion/medkit but doesn’t want to use it because of said reason above, then a horde + special + boss appeared and that player got downed, expecting his teammates to revive him. I mean, not all the time can your teammates revive you because they’re also busy fighting with the horde/special/boss, and there are situations wherein you can’t just simply chug a potion because enemies keep attacking you relentlessly. Sure, there are situations where you save the health potion/medkit to a grimoire holder, but if you can’t help yourself in the first place, then how can you help others as well?

The only bad health potion/medkit you’ll ever come across in this game is the one you didn’t use once you’re dead. What do you guys think of this?

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This is a sometimes bad habit that people have as a remnant from VT1, where it was always ideal to save your pots because gameplay was much more strategic. In VT2, hordes are bigger, the action is faster, and enemies are more threatening in general so going down sometimes means you’re not getting back up again and, at best, you’re creating confusion and costing vital team DPS.

In general, ppl running boon should only carry draughts as much as possible with ppl running hands carrying kits. However, kits should always take precedence over draughts (ie. Use draughts first). The noobest or most selfish thing you’ll ever see is someone using a kit on themselves to carry a draught.

When to use healing depends entirely on your career. Most people are extremely bad at managing their healing but it’s very simple. If you’re on a class that relies heavily/exclusively on melee during hordes, you should drink when you’re low enough you risk getting downed before you can build good temp health. I see this a ton, ie. Someone dying with a full nut of a heal item, pot, and bomb… Use your kit! If you’re on a class/weapon that can get a lot of temp health via ranged before engaging, you can safely save it. With sufficient skill on a lot of those classes in the second category, you can/should run NB anyways. NB users should carry tomes but they can lug medkits around too as long as the dupe peeps get the first ones.

Most people still don’t understand that medkits can unwound two people. Never hurts to communicate this if you’re in a situation where multiple people are wounded.

Also, as mentioned, people need to stop hoarding pots and bombs and leaving pots/bombs in the dirt. Obviously save conc pots on certain classes and don’t just chuck a bomb willynilly if it’s the only one the team has but pots n bombs aren’t only for bosses and patrols. You can use them intelligently to make runs smoother. Also, I wish people would stop ignoring incendiary bombs entirely. I often have to drop a blackfire for one because I know my team won’t pick an incendiary up, even though they redirect hordes and wreck/stagger most trash.

The only time it’s worth holding/withholding healing is if a player is objectively being hard carried, and they’ll usually be the first ones to tell you to save healing for others.


The only time my parties save HP pots is when I’m playing Merc Kruber cause I can instantly get them up. But even then, I’ll save mine until I hear a horde or ambush and then drink it as they come. Otherwise I try and top up on Temp HP with the ambient mobs. Some characters can do it very well, due to the 30% healing talent combined with the 30% healing trait on necklaces. Those two things combined give you a ton of Temp HP on kill.

^ This… lol

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this is actually a really advanced concept imo. if there are 2people wounded, i always see the other green hp dude snatching a medkit and healing up one wounded guy, or one wounded guy using it on himself. i think i can count the number of times on one hand that i’ve seen someone use it to get themselves and another person out of dying state.

in v1 i preferred potions because they could be drunk quickly in combat and with the hedgewizard’s charm (aoe healing) you could get everyone out of dying state, which was pretty dang awesome.

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