Natural Bond + Nurgle's Rot

Issue Summary:
Wearing Natural Bond on your necklace completely negates the damage of the Deeds that contain Nurgle’s Rot. Not only that but if your health is full, there will be no indicator if/when Nurgle’s Rot is supposedly ticking your hp down. As long as you don’t take damage, you do not lose health at all which makes Nurgle’s Rot easy to cheese and avoid. I saw my health tick down once during my mission and that was after I took a hit from behind by a Chaos Warrior.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Select Deed with Nurgle’s Rot
  2. Have Natural Bond equipped
  3. Don’t take damage and see that Nurgle’s Rot doesn’t tick your hp down (or flash red) until after you take damage

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
I was watching my health bar closely and it didn’t flash at all showing when I was supposedly take periodical damage over time. It was around 15 minutes after I started the mission before I saw my health bar flash and that was after I had already taken damage.

[Attach Your Session Console Log]
console-2018-11-21-12.21.04-A2D6C9F2-B00C-4B2B-A468-F20E.log (549.2 KB)

NOTE: Before the NB rework, wearing NB did not remove the effect of Nurgle’s Rot. Health bar still flashed red and hp still ticked down but NB would tick that hp back up. It now seems like it breaks Nurgle’s Rot to the point that you don’t start losing damage over time until you already take considerable damage from other sources.

That’s because they negate each other. The rot is just as much hp drained as NB gives. No bug here.


Yeah, before NB was 2 HP per ten seconds, but I guess Nurgle’s Rot was 1 HP every 5 seconds or something, so you’d still get the Nurgle’s Rot damage but then make it back. Now they must just be occurring simultaneously and cancel each other out.

I dunno if I’d call this a bug or a strategy the game provides, just like how you can use Handmaiden’s stamina regen aura to essentially negate the stamina loss of standing in the pool of filth on Convocation of Decay (maybe with how Stamina regen has been tweaked that won’t work anymore, not sure).

I don’t see the problem here, you still have to prepare for the deed just like earlier, especially if the deed has deprivation too. What actually can make the deed easier if you bring someone with healshare and healer’s touch, but then again, you either run it anyway (like me since Sienna’s tempheal nerf), or once again, you had to prepare for the deed.
No issue.

Because BEFORE natural bond was reworked, you still lost some hp from Nurgle’s Rot but now you do NOT lose ANY hp at all while wearing it.

In my eyes, it is a bug as it makes the deeds way too easy now as NB completely negates Nurgle’s Rot as if it doesn’t exist at all.

Nurgle’s Rot needs to be reworked now to match how it was before.

Aren’t the deeds supposed to add difficulty to the game? Because with NB there is no added difficulty with Nurgle’s Rot… There’s literally no point in having Nurgle’s Rot on a deed if it can just be erased.

So, yeah, sounds like a bug.

Or does nurgle’s rot negate NB? If your hp isn’t full, you don’t regen health, so you could have instead made a post saying “WTF FS MY NB DOESN’T WORK ON NURGLE’S ROT MUTATOR, FIX YOUR GAME” and it wouldn’t have made a difference

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