Necklace, Chaos & Skaven?

I know you can’t roll damage vs chaos and skaven on the charms. But is it possible to roll damage reduction vs chaos and skaven on the necklaces? I’m thinking a flat 10% reduction against all mobs in the game might be better than 20% HP. Unless someone has already crunched the numbers and says otherwise xD

I normally run +2 stamina and 20% hp, but I want to try something different. Does anyone know if it’s possible?

I’ve never seen that combo come up on a necklace, but I’ve never tried specifically to get it either. I run +Stam +health as well.

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same, i got a 20% hp+2stam for general dps builds (i use it for more pushing)

and a 20% hp + block cost reduction for fun tank builds

don’t see the worth in 10% dmg reduction (imagine if you were unchained, 50% dmg reduction, enemy hits u for 100, it get’s reduced to 90%, passive reduces to 45% dmg.

vs 20% hp which is more universal for soaking damage. also, not a lot of people know this, but natural bond gives you back 2% hp every 10 seconds, and having a larger pool of hp = more hp that natural bond will give back.

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I didn’t know that one, that’s awesome! Due to only having 1 red necklace I’ve been trying nat bond on all my characters and liking it a lot.

Do you know if it’s affected by grims, so it gives less regen when carrying them?

nope, carrying grims don’t affect this rate, it’s still 2% of your possible total hp, so carrying grims does not reduce the amount given back, making it pretty damn valuable since most runs are 2grim runs anyway. i have been running nat bond ever since i saw it in beta. lol. there’s far too much small chip damage in vt2 to heal up. mostly, it lets me ignore accidental friendly fire which is unavoidable.


Does someone know if this is wad or just a bug we have to wait out?

i believe that it was possible before, but a specific patch made it such that charms can no longer roll chaos/skaven anymore. so the ones that have chaos/skaven red charms, don’t ever reroll them, lol

Natural Bond gives you 2hp every 10 seconds. It’s not % based. It’s a lot slower on higher HP targets, making HP less valuable and making damage reduction more valuable.

Yes, I was aware of this. My question was more in the lines of “did they do this change on purpose or was it an unwanted side-effect”.

But thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:

If I remember the thread correctly, it was marked as a bug, and the Devs acknowledge it and said something about it being on their radar.

I personally go with Monster 10% on my charm and bow, with skaven 10% as secondary on bow and chaos 10% as secondary on the charm.

Boss + horde/specials is normally what wipes most parties. So I find having boss damage is a higher priority. And correct me if I’m wrong, but all bosses either fall under skaven or chaos as well. So you end up getting 30% more boss damage and 10% against everything else.

On my melee, I take 10% chaos as well. Because most skaven die very easily compared to Chaos.

So, judging by today’s patch notes, removing this was indeed on purpose, but for consistency and fairness, we’re able to roll it again. Have fun.

Patch note is ambiguous “We’re adding it back in”. So that means it’s back in now as of this patch or that it’s going to be back in later?

I’d still argue that Monster 10% & Chaos 10% is a better pick for the charm. With skaven and monster 10% on the ranged weapon. I don’t plan on changing my charm on my DPS characters. Might roll one for the tanks though. That 30% extra boss damage really helps and has allowed me to solo bosses much quicker when the party takes care of the horde/specials. Which would of normally resulted in a wipe on quick plays with randoms.

I don’t even know why is this was an issue for someone. For me most usefully stats for tanks is attack speed (heavy weapons) and infantry and monster/chaos/armor/attack speed/crit multiplier for damage dealers.

Isn’t infantry kind of a waste? Doesn’t all infantry fall under skaven/chaos? So what’s the point?

Well I mostly use handguns on tanks, and to reach breakpoint of body shot killing any special at legend is to have +20% infantry or both +20% skaven/chaos. As you can understand, having 5% attack speed means you have to take +10% infantry to kill both gas rats and leeches/sorcerers. And pretty usefull imho if you have to defend horde solo while rest of your team deals with boss+specials.

ah, fair enough, I don’t tank much so I never thought about it like that. Pretty sure my Kruber FK 1 shots gas rats and blight stormer with his hand gun? I have 10% skaven on it and 10% armour. Then my charm has 10% chaos and 5% attack speed? It’s been ages since I played him though, so not 100% sure.

Handgun have 51 dmg by default. Gas rats and blight stormers have 60 hp. Oneshot them with bodyshot requires 20% power vs them.

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The more you know xD Is it possible to roll skaven and chaos on you range weapon? Or is it only for charms now that you can do that?

EDIT: Nvm, Devs just answered that in another thread.

ah, my bad info then. thx for clarifying!