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I was wondering if it was even possible to Roll “Damage reduction vs Chaos and Skaven”.
It is possible to do it on the Charm. So I guess it should be possible to do on the Necklace?

An official statement would be great. Otherwise a refund of the spent dust would be welcome.

PS: In this topic, I do not care about “what I should roll instead” or “why not use NB instead”. So if you don’t know the answer to this specific question, please rather be silent.

I don’t think this is possible.
The power vs. wasn’t intended on the charm either, but shortly after removing it, they added it back because it would be unfair to newer players not being able to get it.

You can not get both. I’ve tried and tested the difference with the damage reduction properties. It doesn’t come anywhere close to the value of 20% more HP. You can roll 20% HP and damage reduction vs 1 of the races. I don’t think the damage reduction is enough to help with any break points tho… like SV overhead is still gonna 1 shot the squishy characters with both grims. Same for CW and so on.

Fun fact about NB, when at full HP. It stores that extra 1 regen HP för when you lose health. So if you do get over headed by a SV, which would normally take all your HP, it will tick that 1 HP onto you and stop you from going down.

Also, as was said before. The power VS skaven and chaos was not intended. They removed it and later added it back because it wouldn’t be fair to new players.

Thanks for the answers.
Sadly still no official statement which counts for me as “still only guessing”.

As Smoker said: “it doesn’t come close to the 20% more HP”, so why then can’t they just make it possible?
I want to try some fun stuff and weird builds. If it truly isn’t possible, they should at least mention this somewhere. Having to waste hundreds of Dust just to find out something that they knew was impossible, without telling anyone, is just really bad design. (Not to mention that I googled for hours without finding anything official).

It works fine for the Charm, and I’m glad that they made it possible to combine both.
Why not just make it possible for the Necklace? It’s things like these, that make me wonder what the hell gamedevs nowadays are thinking.

Make it possible or even better: Remove the goddamn random bullshittery completely.

On NB builds, I usually forgo extra health, as the regeneration isn’t any faster.

As to what devs are thinking: They wanted you to make a choice. At least, that is what they said for the charms. Sadly, the extra hp are just too powerful, so no one makes that choice.
Not that anyone would use either.
I certainly don’t, I take less AoE damage or block cost reduction pretty much every single time.

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