Can we get numbers for hp/regen

Title says it all. How much do I regen from the necklace? How much hp do attacks take off? How much is a good roll for reduction for damage? 7?

With some basic numbers we can have an idea of how to build our characters.

Would be nice to have some clarity of weapon properties add to the total for the characters or are only added when that weapon is used.


my post about passive heals in the beta forums is gone =(

the necklace heals 2% max hp every 10 seconds.

hit the target dummy in the keep courtyard to find out

press shift when you mouse over the item to see the maximum possible roll for the property.

weapon properties do not add to the character’s power rating, they are considered bonuses in combat.

Whats max HP? When you get hit how much damage you get taken off. Rat hits you for how much, so you know if you can survive a hit or not.

There might be break points for damage reduction from hits you take. Would be nice to know that comparing it to damage that enemies give.

max hp = your full bar. i don’t know what that number is, i doubt fatshark will reveal it.

i’ve never been a fan of intense number crunching because that’s not what the game is about. if i know my heavy strike kills a stormvermin on legend with one hit to the head, or a light attack kills 2 slave rats but wounds the third on a swing, i don’t really need to know the number behind it. but that’s just me, i know many people like hard numbers.

Numbers optimize you’re gear, without them you’re just guessing at what’s best to have for properties.

Knowing that your 2nd attack deals x less damage than your first but hits y more dudes is relevant in primary target selection because it means you can kill more efficiently which thins out the horde faster. It also informs you of good times to do your block push without losing too much damage or in some circumstances, gaining dps by block canceling. Knowing the HP of the characters gives more perspective on how durable they are and how valuable %hp as a neck stat is. 25% of 100 is 125, which is like a hit and bit. if you have say 200 hp then you got 50, which is like 2 and a half hits. It also increases the value of the regen neck since it’s clearly %tage healing and not numerical.

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without knowing the numbers, you will get to know this if you use the weapon enough though. but i agree, more visibility is always a good thing, altho sadly probably not fatshark’s intention. at least they gave us the target dummy

No you wont get to know this, that’s guestimation which is trivial and irrelevant in optimizing with complete information.

“Can we get numbers”

I fixed your title

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