Curse resistance

What does it give resistance too exactly???

Acid, bile vomit, blightstormer spell?

The health reduction from Grims is lowered by curse resistance.

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Normally you lose 33% HP per grim
33% curse resistance lower that to 22%

This means you go from -66 to - 44 with 2 grims

Or in gameplay sense you have 66% of your total health instead of 44% max health remaining when you have two grims.

Considering the damage you take on Legend and the many bugs still occurring in the game it’s better to have at least 20% and preferably 28-30+% curse resistance on all characters to prevent slip ups from instantly killing you.

Moreover while +max health talents and necklace won’t directly counter this they will still add to your max health pool to give any curses more to chomp down on but also more leftover for you to play with, hence a lot of people play with 15-20% max health on necklace combined with curse resistance.

Excuse any typos, rushed this during my lunch break