105% corruption resistanse

I just got a trinket from Sire Melk’s Requisitorium that had interesting perk combination
*15% corruption resistance
*15% corruption resistance (grimm)
whitch got me thinking

You could get 3 trinkets with 15% corruption resistance and 20% corruption resistance (grim)
Witch would add up to 105%
But what would happen? You would ignore corruption from grims or will it be like Warrior Priest and you will be losing corruption?

Now i have to test this out

That’s a lot of Blessings going to waste to protect you from a book you don’t even have to pick up.


As far as I know these resistances don’t stack. One exclusively applies to pox type enemies that do purple damage (walkers, dogs, tox flamers) and the other only to grims.
It’s confusing because both color your health bar in the same color. It was brought up during the preorder beta as well but no one seemed to care.

So at best you’re getting 60% grim or 60% corruption resistance.

As of rightnow - My psyker got 3 trinkets each providing 15% corruption resistance and it did work
At the begining of match i had 180 HP

After Picking up 2 grims and healing at med station
Without trinkets i was down to 88 HP
With trinkets i was down to 130 HP
So i think regular does work on grim curse

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I have no idea what zombie thought it would be a good idea to differentiate grims from enemy corruption…I guess in vermintide we had a difference between wounds and corruption and now this time they’re just too lazy to make the difference clear?

Actually corruption resistance is corrupted as it works as reverse bonus, a malus then. So, what about fixing that firstly, as so many other things?

I mean, you can also just not do missions with Grimoires and reroll any weeklies for them.

General Purpose for Enemies and Grims and the other is more Niche for Farming reasons Grims only.
But yes i agree, why not make one Corruption res. 20% and thats it!
General Corrupt res. is way better albeit you cant have it higher than 15-20% i think.
Grim Res. maybe goes to 25%?!

Having +20%health as a blessing on at least two of your curios helps a lot with the corruption too ive found.

The wording of blessings is straight up bad.
“Resistance to corruption”? Ok, which types? all?

Resistance to GUNNERS!? Is it to everything with a gun?
Fatshark please… VT had simple but easy to understand things that did not bloat.

These are two different resistance types, so they don’t add up. Grimms resist protects only from the grimms, the general corruption resistance protects from the corruption you get from damage etc.

To think about it, I’m not sure if resistance statuses add up or multiply even if they are the same type.

From my experience, and indeed I tested it, Generic corruption does work for ANY kind (even grimoire) of corruption. But corruption resistence with “(Grimoire)” specificated doesnt work at all, maybe works backward as some people mentionned, by in fact adding more corruption. My psyker has +60% health and +45% corruption (the global one) and indeed my purple bar is exactly half as long of what I can see on other psyker or veterans without nor %health nor corruption resist.

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they should def get rid of grim corruption over time and combine both kinds of corruption into 1. but thats like bad gameplay design number 324252452454 that needs to be fixed.