Corruption resistance appears to work backwards

Issue Description:
I bought a orange curio. It has “+15% curse resistance.”
I usually don’t do grims and was interested in the other traits, and it being orange. (sire Melk)
I went into a pug with and we got both grims. Was difficulty 2, Cryo rods repair mission.

I ended up with more missing health then anyone else, including two very low level players. In the end, just over 1 of my three health bars was left.

I believe the curse resistance on my trinket is making me get more corruption, not less.

console-2022-11-25-14.15.27-d560e028-3d66-4182-ace3-b77fa658e481.log (326.4 KB)

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I had noticed this too. I have two master-crafted curios that each have “+12% corruption resistance”. Shortly after equiping them, I noticed that I was taking significantly more corruption damage than my friends when doing a grimoire mission, even though I’m playing backline support as sharpshooter and thus not getting downed as often.

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Lmao, good catch, I’m switching out my curios. I was wondering why it didn’t seem to change anything, unlike in VT2 where corruption resistance is very obvious.

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