DON'T sleep on corruption resistance rejects!

Even with just 24% resistance while the rest of my team is eating into their 2nd wound of health I’m still strangely in my first, and this is INCLUDING with grims. I can only imagine how little I would gain if I found a 3rd nice curio to make it 36%.


Or you can just not play missions with Grimoires and have fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess you didn’t read fully, it’s not JUST grims. ANYTHING that does corruption will be greatly resisted, I’m usually giving away station heals because if I’m not missing a ton of white health I have the least purple of the team.


I know, I was just making a joke about how you can completely avoid Grimoires since they just aren’t enjoyable to deal with.

Yeah, I was surprised how much 20-30% corruption resist made a difference.

There are 2 types of Corruption Resistances, 1 for grim 1 not. You’re saying the non-grim one works on grims?
See bug discussion

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Having confirmation on these two types would be helpful.

I would assume that the one mentioning (Grimoires) only protects from that source of corruption.
And the other reduces any corruption damage taken.
The two being cumulative if the team is carrying grimoires.

Having a damage system in the psykhanium would have helped experimenting with similar mechanics.
(I think I have both on separate curios but didn’t bother to test them)

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I am keeping a wide Array of Curios Stored.
However. So far I found Corruption Resistance to be rather useless.

Dont get me wrong.
It is of course nice to not get Corrupted and thus have reduced Max HP.
But I dont tend to really be Corrupted enough to care as there is Generally enough Healing Stations to never Build up too much.

On Higher Difficulties I prefer to take at least 1 Curio for Increasing the Number of Wounds I can take. So I dont Die upon being Dropped which happens really fast on higher Difficulty.
As well as Taking at least 1 Toughness and 1 Stamina Curio as that increases my chances to avoid Damage entirely.

On lower Difficulties I usually take stuff to Increase my Payout.
Because You really dont need Ability Buffs for that.

(This is for my Veteran of course. On the Ogryn I will take HP instead of Toughness)

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It’s not a bug, and yes they do work, the grimoire ones only affect for grims which is why it is higher than the general corruption.

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I haven’t even seen a corruption resistance curio xD

Is this a bug or an intended feature? Because I love corruption resistance in general, but I hate grims and I’d never spec into them with my curios. Also, on a somewhat related note, grimoires do damage slowly over time. If you can stack up a large health pool like Ogryn can (20% health, 20% health, 20% health ends up being like 500 health) then you can outlast grimoires by a lot.

It’s a risk / reward system which was working fine in VT2, in Darktide it’s also supposed to be that, but right now the reward part is lacking, so most people end up just hating Grimoires. Same with scriptures, only a bit easier.

They just make completing the mission so much harder that trying for a run where you pick up two grimoires is like playing on at least one or two difficulties higher.

Yes thank you the clarification, I read that a few minutes later after more googling but didn’t update my post.

Yes. The regular ones work for any corruption as well as books. But this resistance is vs the corruption you gain after picking up the book. Grimoire resistance is only when you pick up the book. So Grim res is kinda useless. Just stack corruption res.

Yea even 25% does wonders for me. It can take the whole mission for the first bar to get halfway. Grims are no longer an issue.

Appreciate the response a month later :slight_smile: , I had posted a bit further down as well, I’d been answered and had googled the answer too.

Yeah hehe. Was a bit hasty and didn’t check the date and more responses after I posted. But I thought I’d let the comment sit anyway. Cheers.