Can we please have some clarifications about corruption resistance?

Following that post

There are right now 2 differently named perks related to it:

  • corruption resistance
  • corruption resistance (grimoires)

Are those mutually exclusive ? Aka “corruption resistance” not protecting from grimoires ?
Will they be unified ?
What is the logic of having 2 types ?

Some clarifications about it would be most welcome @Fatshark_Hedge / @Aqshy .

edit : That post adds some speculation about it : Corruption Resistance (Grimoires) is not working - #2 by Rawckus

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This seems pretty simple to me. You get a higher value resistance but only to grims, so you still have to dodge special attacks that inflict corruption, or you get a lower value resistance that works overall on everything.
The two being switched up in game mechanics is an embarrassing mistake though.

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I saw both 15% resist corruption (T4) and 20% resist corruption grimoires (T4).
Which would be marginally be better if specializing in grimoires T4.

But as you will randomly always get a little corruption in a game from random stuff, would an hypothetical 10-15% more resist for grimoires only have a point besides thinking you can keep any random corruption creep from happening.

Especially as right now grim hunts are just randomly happening without extra reward enough to go on a hunt and we still don’t have pre made loadouts in the game to quickly switch to.

Anyway, what applies to what from official sources would be welcome.