What do you mean two types of corruption resistance

Why in the everloving emperor is there 2 two types of corrutions resistance? It was really confusing for me at first when the only corruption resist curios i had/saw just say corruptions resist which any reasonable person would think included grimoires, yet it doesn’t! There is a second type of corruption resist specific for grims. WHY?!? It is very unclear that the regular resist doesnt apply to grims and that needs to be changed at the very least if not just combining the two to just be a resistance for all corruption. Which imho is what should be done.



If I had to guess it’s so you can specialize in only grimoires for more total resistance (e.g. A max of 45% resistance instead of only 36%).

possibly, but i dont know about the max cap you can get for the stat yet. For all i know the general resist could stack higher, this is just the first grim only resist ive seen and the highest non-grim resist that i own.

Ah yep, you do actually get more resistance only when it’s specialized on grimoires only.

Checking GamesLantern Darktide Builds, on Curious you can see that Grimoire resistance goes from 10-20%, and general resistance goes from 6-12%.

Fair enough, that you can specialize into one or the other is a valid tactic then. I do still firmly believe that some clarification should be added, as right now it is very easy to think that non-grim resist applies to grim resist if you havent see both varieties of corruption resist or have only seen the regular resistance first and no other.

The grimoire only resistance is a trap, because yeah, you are majorly resistant to the books but regular sources of corruption will go through unhindered. Meanwhile the general resistance affects ALL sources of it. Of course if you are somehow lucky enough to get both on one curio than just laugh at that book and everything.

15% general corruption resistance does exist:

Yea I didn’t even notice there was 2 kinds until this post, feels like a simple fix though, they just need to rename one to something else to save some confusion. Simple would be just renaming the Grimoire resistance to literally just Grimoire resistance.