Solution suggestion to Regeneration issue

When playing deeds with the “no pickups” modifier, it becomes absolutely necessary to utilize natural bond trait.

However, the problem is when you are downed, you remain grey screen for most of the game, and slowly regenerate that green bar. That is the problem! The bar itself is green!

Although it appears to the whole team that you regenerated all your health and show a full green bar again! (No one knows you are critically wounded)

I got a simple as hell fix for this Fatshark! You all listening??? Its so EASY!

If you are downed once… change the color bar to yellow for health … until you are healed! As the bar regenerates…
It will stay yellow… so everyone knows you are critically wounded! How hard would that be to implement gang? The whole team will see you got a full bar of Yellow health! Meaning they know you are wounded actually! Its just such an easy fix I am dying inside that its not in the game…

I think its the easiest intuitive fix ever. I am sure the whole community will think thats the best idea for this small issue for natural bond users!

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Well, most people I know use mods, so we can see when you’re on last life. But yea, that’s an easy fix. Doesn’t mean it will be as easy to implement.

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Am i the only legend and deeds player that has no mods? Apparently so… i tend to be a purist when it comes to games. Thats what the forums are for though, right? Constructive suggestions. Just a suggestion nonetheless albeit a simple one

From an alternative purest perspective Mods are part of the game by design, so you have to use any and all sanctioned mods.

From a more serious perspective, several of the mods would be worth paying for… I hope for the mod developer community they manage to stabilise the module names or offer backwards compatibility, so they don’t break during patching

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I failed to mention that the backwards compatibility issues and possible game file corruption dilemma that may or may not happen tends to keep me playing the game bare bones. Sad but true. I dont want to take the risk of something inadvertently breaking. New versions of the game as the Devs update stuff may or may not be compatible with mods. More often, theres no negative repercussions. But if there was I would not be too happy about it. Heck im the kind of guy thats disabled most of windows 10 including automatic updates. Im not half wrong either. I have a slightly older but beastly alienware laptop. And dell recently released BIOS updates that literally bricked countless computers. If it aint broke… dont try and fix problems that may not even exist.

That argument works both ways, how many systems have been compromised because they have unpatched flaws?

One day some update might break a module in a way that is bad, but one day fatshark might change it so your bight dust is worthless too… While I support in in that you should do what you feel comfortable with, I do strongly recommend checking out the mods, several of them are too good to not try.

It was so hard for them to change an RGB value on red weapon skins from glowing blue to glowing purple that they deemed it worthy of a paid DLC. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

ever since playing the latest patch, i disabled all mods because most of them weren’t working before. back to vanilla! not much difference actually.

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