White Health After Rez

First off, I would like to say I’m new to the Warhammer Vermintide series. Vermintide 2 is my first.

That being said. The issue I’m having is with the health gained after a friend/P.C. resurrects you.

True, you do get a decent amount back (Half if I recall) but the fact that this health slowly falls whether you are attacked or not. PLUS! If you do fall in this state, you die immediately. Having to wait for a rescue.
Makes Higher level missions and heroic deeds extremely annoying.

I’ve been playing a slayer lately. Love the character, ability’s and the dual Axe’s are sweet! However I find that I get focused and surrounded quite easily (usually because I’m jumping in the fray with my Alt) and as such my health drops fast and I go down but soon after getting resurrected I get swarmed again and die.

It’s possible I’m playing the class wrong but with this Rez System. I feel like I’m a liability to my team instead of an asset.

What do you guy’s think? After a Rez, should White Draining health be replaced with say, 1/4 green health?

Perhaps a Last Stand Passive for the Slayer Class?
Where if you lose all health, you gain a full white bar that falls quickly and in that time, if you kill enough enemy’s, you go back to 1/4 green health? Plus give the passive a long cooldown like, 60 Seconds or more?

Would like to know what you think!

I think it’s fine as-is, if you go down and then have your white health fade away, you need to heal. If you don’t have any healing, you need to be taking less damage so your resources don’t dwindle so fast. Slayer is a relatively vulnerable class, so you need to play them carefully if you want to survive.

That said, while I think the system should stay as-is in general, I’m not against specifically Slayer having some sorta last stand passive?

Slayer is arguably one of the hardest classes to learn for higher level play. Maybe you should take it slow and get a good feel for dodge and block timing in the game first with a differen character or career. Im not saying, its impossible to learn with the slayer. It might actually prompt you to look at these issues earlier than other new players would, but you do make it harder on yourself than you have to by playing the slayer.

That aside, the temp health is something thats been here since V1. Its a familiar and logical feature. The game punishes you for taking excessive amounts of dmg(getting downed) and prompts you to find healing supplies. If you play with bots, theyll generally hand you theirs after you got downed. If you play with other people, youll just have to hope that theyre in it for the teamplay, not just for the juicy green circles on the stats screen. Its a mix of having to learn essential game mechanics(dodging, blocking, learning to recognize animation patterns for enemy attacks etc) and having proper teamwork(handing healing supplies to whoever needs them most, even if the person whos carrying them might be low on health themselves).

As you said, youre new to the game, so again I would urge you to take it easy, pick another class/career and learn the basics. Slayer is squishy, extremely squishy. Extremely rewarding too, if you pull it off on higher difficulties but that takes a bit of practice and game knowledge. In the end, its up to you of course. Some ppl might just learn faster under pressure so if youre one of those, then might aswell stick with it.

tl;dr block, dodge and ration healing supplies and white health wont be as much of an issue as it seems at first.


Thanks for the Advice!

But what do you think of the idea of a Last stand Option?

Back in my Borderlands 2 days playing the Psycho.
I remember a similar passive which I found rewarding and fun.
Not saying, of course, that this should be copied but it would be interesting.

it’s an interesting concept that will allow the slayer to be more reckless as per his class lore.

good play in this game revolves around damage avoidance though. if you are losing health, you are doing something wrong. it’s especially difficult to learn how to do this if you are new. you have to learn when to block (your 2h axes only stun 1-2 targets at a time) so if you are fighting against 3+ enemies, chaos especially, you need to be especially careful and block at the right times.

don’t get flanked, never get flanked. positioning is key, and with the slayer it’s the ultimate melee challenge.

good luck in your learning experience and have fun!!!

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Interesting, maybe. But also problematic in a way. If youre surrounded by slave rats, that are notoriously easy to kill it would present a get out of jail free ability. Something that doesnt rely on player skill as much as it relies on you picking the right talent points beforehand or in short, bad game design.

On your playstyle as a slayer from the OP(which, admittedly I skipped reading at first), it seems you do play the class a bit wrong. Youre throwing yourself into places where youre begging to be surrounded - something that never good in Vermintide, ever. Much more so on higher difficulties. Think of the jump as an “OH $H!T” ability that you can use to quickly gtfo or save a friend in trouble. Or use it to close the gap between you and an enemy. NEVER, under any circumstance EVER, jump into the middle of a horde. Thats a big no no. As soon as you get surrounded in this game, its very hard to free yourself and reestablish good positioning unless you get help from the outside. Youre dooming yourself to die by doing that. Even if its just slaves and especially then. As they seem easy to take care of at first - but have 10 of those buggers hit you at the same time and theyll not only break your block(if youre even blocking at that point) but probably down you very fast too. They seem an enticing target, but dont underestimate their strength in numbers. They might be easy to kill but they can still hurt you if they hit you.

Your first few priorities(in no particular order) should always be:

  1. where are my teammates and do they need help?
  2. is my positioning good or can I get backstabbed by some random slave running up to me from behind? can rats drop down a cliff behind me? if this rat ogre hits me, will it knock me off the map and instant kill me etc etc
  3. whats the most damgerous enemy around atm. you see a horde of slaves and a stormer, youll want to kill the stormer first for example. Prioritizing the right targets
  4. damage avoidance, damage avoidance, damage avoidance. Youre no use to your teammates dead. Jump into that horde infront of you, you might kill 20 slaves and die. Dodge, block and strike when youre in no danger of getting hit, you might only kill 10 but live to kill another 10 and another 10 and maybe get your downed teammate up etc. Missing 1 person can snowball into a wipe really fast for many teams.

How about a ‘Last Stand’ where you still need a teammate to rez you before you bleed out, but you can move/attack/ult while bleeding out? Would be quite befitting of the Slayer and shouldn’t be too terribly busted. Maybe he shouldn’t (or maybe he should?) be able to rez other players during such a thing, though, and definitely shouldn’t be able to heal himself.

Practicing not getting hit is the only way to attain high level play. Mix up dodgedance, block, push and your ult.
I know it’s super fun to charge in hordes and chop everything up but you’ll most certainly get hit.

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Slayer is a glasscannon, a cannon dmg wise, made of glass when being hit. The health and green hp system is the core of the game, but I see your point for a berserker passive like the zealot has one. The slayer is at the moment in a really balanced state, IF you play him well. As soon as you do 2 or 3 mistakes you become the burden of a team. Question is here, how much do we want to “excuse” mistakes (not dodging, not retreating, not switching to 2nd weapon, falling for easy kills and quick attack animations), because basically he has the same tools as others to survive. (He has an insanely high mobility to be fair, even though he is squishy af)

i like how this thread has progressed into a slayer discussion haha.

the slayer is a destroyer of all things armoured. the chaos warrior boss and stormvermin boss, all things slow and mighty, he will bring down really quick just by spamming light attacks with his dual choppers.

most people get hit because the choppers don’t cleave through 10x mobs and have quite a vertical attack angle, so while you are slicing through the torso of a chaos zombie, his friend next to him will probably take a bite of those juicy dorf muscles. switching to a 2h hammer to clear a horde is much more effective and fun.

It’s fun to play 1000 kills per weapon to get a feel for abilities and perks. Have fun and eat adventure will feel different based on your character and party set up. Great game idea!

Take adrenaline surge and you should basically have your active up 100% of the time, easy to not get surrounded when you can perma CC and leap out essentially. Also when you leap in, try and leap right in-front of enemies and then dance them, or if you leap into the center when you knock them over try and dodge out of their center. I think the rez temp HP is fine as is personally.

Slayer is awesome class, extremely tough, if you’r getting surrounded, start using dodge, take +20% dogdge range talent, get 10% dmg reduction per stack and equip dual hammers + 1h axe, get HP on cleave, enjoy easy mode. When ypu get better, switch to +crit chance as 1st talent, +cooldown reduction on full stacks, change weapons to whatever suits you, enjoy.

Fixed it for you.

I like the last stand idea a LOT.
Screw balance and all, I want to see a slayer go down for like a second after green hp is gone then get back up all bleeding by himself, let a dawi roar out and push all enemies in the immediate vicinity back and try to finish them with the dying breath…

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