Enemy soldier is too hard to spot

Bought the game today, A LOT OF CRASHES, but ok I get it, it is still beta. But I would like to give the dev 1 suggestion, can you please enhance their visual clarity, at least their helmet, so we can see them more easily and not get our eyes hurt when trying to locate their pixel in the dark?
In my opinion, the enemy blends too well into the environment, which results in so many ridiculous stupid ambushes. Almost as if like they are covered in dark matter. I have experience moments where both I and all of my teammates completely walk past some grunt with absolutely no idea they were there after an intensive gunfight and get jump scared by them. Not to mention when we have a sniping session with them and they all blend in so well behind their cover that it is actually hurtful for my eye when I have to pixel-peak their head.
My idea of a fix would be to make their helmet become more “White”, or shinier, so we can have a better time spotting them in the dark and also distinguish their head from the cover they were taking.


While it’s understandable for QoL, I have to ask, since fatshark uses lore reasons for some of their decisions, why would the soldiers make it easier to spot them? All military wears camo to avoid that exact thing

I would recommend that you check your brightness settings in game and on your monitor as there could be some calibrations that would make this better.

I have not noted this as an issue during my play time and all boils down to awareness IMO. As soon as you start getting shot at you should be looking for cover as there are likely more ranged enemies on the way. The Devs were kind enough to add in a tell for when an enemy is ready to fire at you. Making the enemies easier to spot removes the excitement and challenge which force the player to seek cover, shoot and move to eventually close the distance for a kill.

The only time I feel it’s an issue is during the Vent event when enemy lasmen can still snipe you from a mile away with zero visibility between either of you.


Because it’s a video game, and it’s always gameplay>lore. The colour palette in Darktide is kinda bad. Like they just slapped a mud or vomit filter on a mission and called it a day. Some missions you’re playing like you’re in the desert in Breaking Bad lol

I’ve actually found myself on the verge of a refund over (broadly) this issue. It’s only been one mission so far, so perhaps I’m just incredibly frustrated right now, but…

Not being so easily able to see enemies and, more generally, finding the map and mission prompts difficult to spot amongst the very busy screen, made that first mission a real exercise in frustration that wasn’t very fun. The environmental effects, such as stark, coloured lighting, make the graphical clarity wash out badly. Perhaps it’s old eyes syndrome, but this sort of game needs to have a strong visual acuity and it simply doesn’t right now.

Maybe I have to play with the settings to find some way to turn off much of the disruptive environmental graphical effects to make it more playable, but I’d delight in a higher visibility mode/option/setting because I’m sure I’m not the only older gamer wanting to see what’s going on just a little bit more easily.

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