More visual variety for enemies

Hello. This is a thread to suggest and discuss the topic of visual variety in enemies. As it stands variety for infantry is pretty good already, but it could use a little more imo. Variety is minimal to nonexistent for elites and above, however. I don’t have a lot in terms of specific ideas, but thought I would at least introduce the topic.

Two options, derived from what we have already seen in the past, are the beta marauders (with the horned helmet) and multicolored Stormvermin (introduced in a patch for VT1, then taken away later). These have both already been implimented in the past and show what I am talking sbout here. New textures/gear for the same enemies.

So this is a double-edged sword, and if it’s alright I’d like to explain why.

I love the idea of adding more flavor/color/texture to our enemies because it will be even more immersive as an epic, difficult fighting game. This is the first edge.

The enemies are extremely easy to identify, even if you don’t have them marked. This is very intentional; if a Storm-vermin looks anything like any other unit, I won’t be able to know what to do about it when I’m fighting a horde. I’ll say, “That looks something like a Flamer/Rattling/Shield-Vermin” and then get swatted by a halberd. The second edge.

Each unit is very unique and easy to identify at almost any distance.

Cosmetics that could Hamper Gameplay
  • We can’t give helmets to Leeches because they will then look like Blight-Stormers
  • Can’t give Blight-Stormers robes because they will then look like Leeches (naked, fat guys against the backdrop are easier to spot anyways :laughing:)
  • Having some of the Storm-Vermin shield be a different shape could change the impression on where you can hit them from
  • Changing Colors on a Storm-Vermin might make you believe they are a Shield-Vermin at a cursory glance (normally it’s red/metal for halberd, black/white/metal for shield)
  • Drab brown/tan/red implies clan-rats, color changes to green could be mistaken for Plague Monks
  • Chaos Warriors wearing not-Chaos-Warrior armor would be goofy :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of “prettying them up a bit”, but other than a slightly-spikier helmet for the Chaos-Men or a poofier shirt for the Skaven, it might make them hard to identify. That’s my personal opinion, of course!

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Fair point. If I remember correctly, this is why the marauders were changed to look they way they are now in the first place, since they looked too much like the regular chaos dudes. I never had this issue, but enough people did that it became a problem.

Honestly even just spikier hats or poofier shirts would be a welcome change. Right now every enemy in the same class looks exactly the same (except for infantry and Chaos Warriors) and it gets a little “samey” after a while.

I feel like bosses transcend this issue though since you know right away which boss spawns, often even before you see it. It might be more work than it’s worth to remodel Chaos Spawns (since they are so messed up to begin with), but rat ogres, trolls, and even stormfiends wouldn’t be too hard.

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