New enemy type idea: fallen/corrupted rejects

hi folks,

been rewatching some gameplay and while spectating some 20 identical dreg ragers spawn out of a door i thought about some way for visual variations.

would it be feasible to integrate our class-type into a semi-boss or horde spawn enemy type ?

like having a player ogryn in style (cosmetic/loadout) instead of a plague ogryn,
or have 20 different zealots come instead of the 20 identical ragers ?

all proper nurgle-fied of course so they won´t look just like squad members, you know, missing limb, decomposed face, torn clothes, tentacles or bottles stuck into / coming out of…

that kind of stuff.

would do a great deal for my immersion to see the fate of failed groups.

besides whats even the point in capturing us in the first place?


Hell yea this is a cool idea!

I wonder if this could be done with a mod on the client-side…not as much fun, but still cool!


Might be a lot of work for not a lot gameplay wise (As enemy do have armour tags, the game would need to load, rig, and animate the attacks for all the cosmetics…)

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might be, hence the question if it was feasible.

maybe someone at fatshark can shine some light onto it.

as for the armor, just a bit of spitballing here :

ogryn : carapace
zealot : maniac
veteran : flak
psyker : infected

The issue is that enemies have different armour tags, take a Mauler for example is mostly Flak, with a Carapace body; Stalker have Flak with unarmoured in the lower arms and leg…

How do you make it work with the cosmetics, have it be cosmetic only (thus making it more confusing) or have to fix up all the armour tags

I think you could get the intended effect (a bit of spice, cool flavor) pretty cheap! I think mostly you’d just need a few bits of half-blasted armor pieces slapped on existing enemies.

Give a reaper those leopard pants. Boom!



i mean they grow spikes out of pure badass-dom, tentacles in places we don´t explore any further and stick glas tubes into god knows where…

they were bound to re-rotate into the game so heck, why not on reapers :rofl:

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for a quick solution, pick those cosmetics that fit the description, bull-gryn for example would do as the second vet you posted.

well thought out solution, i guess that´d be up to those getting payed for it, or another slow day at my workplace :sweat_smile:

You meant carapace head?

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I’d always envisaged a mission where you rescue said hostages before they were turned…

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A novel idea but it would make enemies types hard to distinguish so I doubt it would be feasible

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i dont expext any of it to come to actual fruition, still a bit of fun spitballing on a slow work day.

though i cant enjoy darktide on my pc, my thoughts are free :smile:

This is a neat idea, I think having them drop some extra loot would be cool as well. Path of Exile does a similar thing with Rogue Exiles, who sometimes spawn in zones and showcase some MTX and skill builds, while also dropping a full inventory of loot on death.

They usually aren’t very dangerous or valuable, unless you turbo-juice them with the right map mods, but Darktide obviously doesn’t need to be this complicated, and can just throw in a random evil playerbot to screw with your run.

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Unfortunately there is no real passion behind this game which is the reason we get patches every week only addressing cosmetics. Every 6 months they will drop a content update meant to appease the “simple thinkers”. Anyone with half a brain could see they are just trying to milk this game as much as physically possible at this point.

They release broken cosmetics, then fix the broken cosmetics in the next patch while leaving issues that have been in the game for almost 2 years now. Want my advice? Don’t expect anything remotely impressive to happen with this game. They are an autopilot and no one there gives a sh*t.

Edit: I have had random ideas like veterans deploying portable cover, wandering demon hosts on lights out missions that are a weakened version, wandering human bosses on certain missions and stuff like that. It’s got to the point I don’t even bother thinking of that stuff because the depressing reality is, you could have the best idea in the world while simultaneously be willing to pay them millions of dollars and they still wouldn’t implement your idea, because they do not care.


You know what; I think this might be the best explanation I’ve seen for Darktide “as-is”. I think you’re right. It’s not a passion. I personally have no knowledge, interest, or care about WH40K. But I like the game. If you’re in a dev position though, you’ve surely got to absorb the whole wh40k thing and “be it” ?

I’ve a memory from the LoTR film appendices; Peter Jackson did a speech where he said we’re not making a film, we’re making a documentary. This is “real”. No nods & winks to the audience etc. etc.

This is the biggest reason so many triple A games have all this money and manpower yet they release absolutely horrid products. When games were first starting out people had a real passion because they themselves were gamers and wanted the gaming world to expand. We had Splinter cell 1-3, Halo 1-3, fable 1-3, shadow of the colossus, Fallout 1-3, Fallout New Vegas, Mass effect 1-3, Dragon Age Origins, Zelda, Mario, the entire grand theft auto franchise, all of the GOOD star wars games, I could go on for hours probably.

Everything now is a re-release of them trying to catch the lightning in a bottle again. The thing they don’t understand though is, it wasn’t lightning in a bottle. Those were passion projects.

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cough :wink:

You had.

I had:

Feud. Gauntlet. Elite. Commando. Ultima. Fantasy World Dizzy. Ravenskull. Repton. Daley Thompson’s decathalon. EType.
People who coded from their dorms/bedrooms and it really was a passion :stuck_out_tongue:

I have heard ultima was really good but I never got to play it

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But the heretics already are fallen and corrupted rejects.
Are you assuming their backgrounds?

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i assume everything and then some :sunglasses:

as for the “passion” part, for better or worse its the only 40k fps game with that visual and gameplay quality.

every now and then i watch a vermintide video and even forcing myself into, fantasy warhammer leaves me cold.

space marine is third person and too glory kill heavy to suit my taste for a long run.
doom fan since 93 but these over abundand stop and go refuel scenes get old quick.

if i was to shake my magic 8 ball i’d say management is the big “bremsklotz” here, i’m sure there’s passion amongst the developing employees.

then again what are the forums if not someplace to speak your mind, even more so if you gotta pass the boredom every now and then.

it aint a mandatory to-do list of things that went