For freaking sake, let us mark enemies in the dark

Not that Fatshark would actually give the tiniest damn about the forum, but let’s try, anyway:

Boss + Horde + specials on the darkest corner of the mines and the game won’t let mark anything two inches beyond my nose. Its ridiculous.


Yes they don’t give care about their own forum but that would be againts the purpose of the “dark” stage in the game.


this is exactly like the argument people make that ‘they can’t see rats in the wheat field’

it’s intended. it’s great. it gives a fantastic struggle when you can’t see and you have to battle your way to the light. can you not understand the obvious intention behind the design???

also, pug groups always just activate the cart and then leave everything to chance. what you can do is tell your group to sit at the start, wait for horde, then send someone to scout the darkness and pull the boss if any. if people just want to leave it to chance instead of finding a way to lessen wipes… nothing much i can do to help.


This is nothing like the wheat field, where: 1) its broad day light 2) its an open field 3) you can atually see the enemies 4) you can mark enemies 5) you don’t get a boss+horde spawn 6) it’s crossed on the first minute, literally.

But yeah, i’m pretty sure you’re having lots of struggle on veteran, now let the grownups talk, will ya?

Just because not everything gets a response doesn’t mean they’re not checking. The devs have continuously thanked people for their feedback.


Annnnd now no one is going to take you seriously, good job.


Its just a PR speak. All devs says thanks only few mean it.


hehe, you’re the one complaining about struggling on the map, while i am happy playing it on legend xD

Its just a PR speak. All devs says thanks only few mean it.

False. :slight_smile: We’re reading it all. More often than not we prefer to let players discuss feedback with each other and process it from there. Typically the moment we interact with feedback, we kill the discussion just by being present.

(to add to the discussion since I am here, it’s entirely by design you cannot ping in the dark. It’s dark!)


mic drop

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That is an approach I can respect; often times its impossible design an elephant with a committee. While cool points are made here I would like to see when was the last 5 dev responses before this? You can always bump into a dev in all mid-sized, official forums. Their forum even designed to specifically find out the direction what team is a heading. From Amplitude to Paradox they all trying to add to the discussion together in official forums. Smaller companies even more connected with their niche audience. Even mainstream games are picking this too because it is good for everybody. I hope this will improve; It is good to know devs are going to stand firm with non-targetable areas even though this contribution is kinda forced out.

I would like to see when was the last 5 dev responses before this?

There’s a “Dev posts” button at the top of the forum homepage.


‘‘It’s dark’’
Is this why we no longer have proper night time maps?
Of all the things you imitated from L4D, why that too?

Well, then shouldn’t it be dark enough we can actually not see them?
There’s an assassin, 5 meters away, with glowing green blades, yet no one can ping it?
I think it’d make more sense if the ping only lasted a second or so, in that case, or we got a callout instead of a blue border.
Well, not like it bothers me a lot, just saying.

You can see its green blades… Why ping it? Holler it out in the chat or something, being able to just see glowing blades or eyes or hear skittering in the dark makes this level awesome.

So the darkness isn’t really a problem?

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You can’t pin point an assassin by the sound cue alone. And there’s a big difference between two small red dots and a big outline. Claiming to be realistic “because its dark” doesn’t convince me, also, since we’re talking about a game where you telepathically comunicate with your friends and show them the blue outline of enemies 30 meters away behind concrete walls.

And of course it can be mitigated by a communicating team, but i don’t believe a game should be designed only around the optimal user experience, but also for the mass of plebs like me who are most of time playing with randoms from all around the world.

No one said anything about realism, the point is that it’s dark and scary and hard to tell where your foes are. That’s like the whole theme of those parts.

Well if the magical blue outline won’t work in the mines (and honestly, I can’t see a logical reason WHY a glowing blue outline wouldn’t work in the dark if you can see it in broad daylight… It’s magic! Maybe pixie dust doesn’t work in the dark?) maybe just, turn up your gamma? Then you can see all the rats. Of course, then all you can see is a sea of rats and silent running specials teleporting into existence right in plain view. Just like in broad daylight, but with no magic blue outlines.

The only good part is that at least in the dark they have the decency to spawn out of arms reach in the darkness.

The whole point of pinging is alerting your allies so everybody knows exactly what to do without the need of voice chat, which is specially useful on pub, for people who speak different languages, dont have a mic or are simply unwilling to voice chat, which frankly is ok.

“No one said anything about realism, the point is that darkness works like…in reality?”

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