Let us ping enemies in the dark

First of all, I’m loving the new weekly challenge. Really fun. I appreciate you prevented people from using the ambient light exploit. But I think it would greatly help if you would let us ping enemies in the dark, otherwise, killing blightstormers and grabbers is going to be expecially hard.


Honestly, i want torch for dark part in hunger in the dark

There are 4 possible spawn points for ravaged art and it could be very dangerous to go there because horde and specials are likely spawn there

Edit. I didnt check new mutator and it seems new mutator is all dark?

It still works? Unless they changed something this morning. I just played dark maps at 2am last night and was able to see just fine in the dark.

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Well I just changed to low ambient light and it made diddly squat difference.

Bots can see in the dark so I took my kruber handgun bot and it took out specials for me.

I just think there should be 2 or 3 torches rather than just one for a team to make some kind of area to hold once a horde comes or something. Throw torches in a circle and hold that point.

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The original mod gave a torch to everyone, it should have been here so too.
Also light sources should give actual light, like the braziers do, torches/lamps on the wall do nothing and it just looks supid.
If you steal an idea, then at least improve on it, not make it worse than the original.
Also, we need to be able to ping in the dark, like we asked a million times for hunger already. I cannot understand why this is still an issue if you have already spent time on vreating a mutator.

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Personally, I think Sienna should count as a light source on maps with the darkness. I’m ok with different characters having some advantage against different mechanics.


Not being able to ping in the dark is by design and part of the challenge. IMO it should stay how it is

realistically and lore wise…why the hell can’t Kerrillian and Bardin see in the dark naturally? even for a few feet, make it black and red like predator vision. Shouldn’t elves and dwarves have infravision?

I don’t know about warhammer, but in DnD and most other games. Elves have darkvision, able to see around 60ft in the dark as if it was dim light.

:frowning: i will be the weird guy that says it

i liked the new modifier, and i actually like not being able to ping stuff


You’re not alone. Being able to ping things in the dark would just let people scan the area while ping spamming and give away the positions of enemies. Not knowing what’s there is what makes it fun.


At least let us ping as far as we can see. Right now I can often see a unit, but it is out of ping range.

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In wfb lore, elves and dwarfs cannot see in the dark, at least not in the sense that DnD has it. Dwarfs adjust to the dark pretty quick and experience helps them “see” in the dark. It’s more of a sixth sense. Elves cannot see on the dark but theu do have better sight then humans.

even if infravision doesn’t exist in WFB, they still have better senses than humans and this is not reflected here. Sienna herself should be a constant source of ambient light, even more so if using Flame sword. Various Glowing weapon skins should give off some ambient light FOR the wielder not just teammates.

I know this takes away from the darkness gimmick from the first game, but Drachenfel’s Dungeon map was done so much better than the current Blightreaper map and the current weekly challenge.

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In what way? Weak as it is, at least you can use the torch as a weapon here

The original Dungeon Map did not make you completely blind, I could navigate around just by looking down at the floor if I spawned in and the rest of the group is away from me with the torch. V2’s darkness gimmick is way too dark even if I’m trying to move around by staring at the floor. Skaven presence is also noticeable from their glowing red eyes in V1, not so much now in V2 and Chaos forces don’t have glowing eyes. Shouldn’t they be just as blind as the players being humans themselves? Rats in the first game also used torches of their own which provided some light. You don’t see skaven slaves in V2 swinging torches as often if at all.

Well, if we take a look at the WFRP rules:


And given how Fat Shark is taking a lot of the ideas and the inspiration directly from the WFRP, we can safely say that both Dwarfs and Elfs can see in dark to some degree if there’s a light source equivalent to starlight. So yeah, we don’t have starlight in the caves, thus Bardin and Kerilian can’t have Night Vision in pitch dark areas.


But, that being said, the cart itself provides some illumination, thus Bardin and Kerilian should have at least some Night Vision around the cart.

I agree with pitch dark, even with modern day nightvision optics, they don’t function too well when there is 0 ambient lighting. However, Norscan don’t seem to suffer from this same issue.

Glowing weapon skins and various flavors of nuka-cola also give ambient lighting, or should we ignore that as purely game aesthetics and are not actually giving off light in reality?

This is true. While Skaven also have Night Vision, Norscans don’t have that particular talent… Though you might explain it by “running towards the cart/torch light” more than really seeing in the dark.

Except when you’re left to fight them in the pitch dark (for reasons) and they can see you just fine.

But hey, guys just wanna hang out in a sewer with no light source, just standing around aimlessly in a D&D style dungeon encounter…

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