Hunger in the Dark rant + solutions (my thoughts)

Okay! I’ve played “Hunger in the Dark” multiple times since 1.08 (I was in the beta for it and played it then as well) and I must say that during the one section of mine cart movement where the entire area is darker and you need to crowd the cart I honestly can’t see anything in front of me anymore! I do not know if that amount of darkness was intended, and I am also aware that I could probably tweak some settings to improve my visuals, I just don’t want to have to do it for that map then reset it afterwards.

My solutions!
1.) Make the light source from the cart a bit bigger. Not terribly bigger mind you just a bit bigger so that way I don’t have to wait until I’ve been hit 3 times and go out on a limb and pray there are no more coming towards me before defending myself. As of now I hold block and just wait for the attacks then start swinging wildly and hope for results while not dying myself.
2.) ((IMMERSION STUFF I’M A NERD)) Have Sienna serve as another light source! Her “Pyromancer” class actually has three candles on her head-piece but it projects no light and “Unchained” is actually smoldering at all points! I am unsure of the coding or manipulation that would be required for such an endeavor but it would help a ton and add more immersion to it as well.

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