Add torches to Hunger in the Dark please

Most maps have at least one place where a wipe is basically guaranteed if you get that perfect storm of bad guys. The dark section is that place in HitD. Sometimes it feels like there’s just nothing you can do once you hear a boss+horde+disablers all go off when you’re near the room with the tome.

A torch or two, like the ones from Blightreaper, at the start of the dark section would really help to make that section feel a bit more fair.

the problem with the dark portion in hunger is that people like to rush it. in quickplay, no one likes to sit around and wait. if you can do so, tell your party to wait for a horde to come before proceeding inside (a lot of people don’t know that hordes actually attract and clean out all the ambient mobs in front of your party, this includes all the dark areas)

once the horde is clear you can rush in and handle the worst case scenario, a bossfight, without ambients or horde messing you up.

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I know all about retreating back to the lit area, but there’s a point of no return where you can’t really do that. At that point, it’s ‘huddle around the cart’ or ‘die’ unless you’re one of these cheap goons who exploits the lighting settings to get rid of the dark altogether.

Send an expendable party member into the mines on their own to clear the way… say the elf… kind of like a canary, if it stops whimpering… I like the idea of waiting for a horde spawn though, I’ll have to suggest that in the future.


well, yea that’s kinda the point of the area. lol. there are ways to limit the exposure but u can’t get rid of the mechanic fully

I believe fire based weapons or muzzle flash should light up the area when they’re fired.
Also, WHC Tag shouldnt be limited as much as other characters, since it’s one of this class top features.

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As a considerate and very good elf player clutching for the team I take issue with that but also know that 90% of quickplays elves are totally useless tools :smile:

Don’t sweat it, I pick on any career I’m not playing at that particular moment. :slight_smile:

I know the conflag staff makes a nice lighting effect on holding right click. I use it a lot to help give light to people.

I think the worst section would be fixed by eliminating blight storms from spawning. When you can’t find the guy there is no counterplay.

The mechanic of wanting to be near the cart for light and it then moving makes it difficult to recover people when they fall behind. In a quick play more often than not someone will be at the cart, keeping it moving, trapping stragglers in darkness, even as people die around them.

Maybe put a torch holder on the existing cart? Then people can leave them to function as is, or pull them out and still babysit the cart. Could be a way to make some more achievements.

I’d just like for shartfart to explain why the darkness in the mines, or the sewers in Blightreaper, is apparently special. No really. Elves and dwarfs are meant to see in the dark. One of the characters is on fire (glitches aside). In Castle Drach, the darkness was magical, in Stromdorf, it was also magical, but at least give us a freaking excuse here.

Oh and the section is completely fine. If anything, the rest of the level isn’t hard enough. Makes it a bit of a spike. What they really should do is make the darkness unavoidable through messing with settings, though.

or make use of red weapons glow so you can see in a small area around you.

i stopped playing those two maps because of the dark areas, it’s not worth the headache.

in the past I got the chaos spawn + friends a couple of times and you need to move with that kind of boss, you can’t stay on the cart

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