Darkness, torch and 1 hnd weapons

The 2 maps with darkness are using 2 different type of darkness, in fact in one of those, modifying the graphics settings, actually, you can see something.
Can we have the real darkness in both and at least one torch in the one that now doesn’t have any?
Can you let the 1 hnd weapon users pick up the torch in the free hand?

I’d rather never play a dark level again, they are not fun for me at all. I want to kill hordes of enemies not struggle to see anything whatesoever or do zero damage

The maps you struggle to name are Hunger In The Dark (Basegame) and Blightreaper (DLC).

The basic idea behind the darkness-part is to limit your view and thus combat range.
In Blightreaper you can overcome the darkness either mobile (by sacrificing damage as one player carries a torch) or stationary by staying near the braziers.

Hunger In The Dark is semi stationary as the lightsource is moving slowly with the team.

I think blightreaper just needs one or two more braziers so you can traverse easier without a torch. There are corners you have a really hard time to pass if you don’t know exactly how the level looks like.

What annoys me most in Hunger In The Dark is the huge range in which you can push the cart. As long as you stay inside the light the cart will move (more or less) and sometimes I’d like the cart to stay where it is instead of “rolling away” making me fight in the dark again. The “pushrange” should be lowered to something like 1.5 metres. Like standing right next to the cart.
Also add a torch to that level.


I really like the darkness implementation in Blightreaper.
I also love the torches.
The same cannot be said about Hunger in the dark.
Not sure you could add a torch to it, though, if it’s a different darkness. You can’t properly spot in there.

If all else fails, I agree the push range should be smaller, if maybe not that much, and the light radius should probably be a bit larger.

Conversely I really like the darkness levels, adds a real sense of claustrophobia and paranoia to the levels.


I was thinking about this because in the past I got the chaos spawn plus tides in hitd map dark section, and even if there is a cart with light, you can’t stay close to it

Loved Drachenfels, love Bligtreaper. Darkness is fun - it pushes all those accustomed to one type of play style out of their comfort zones.

Please don’t nerf darkness, 'cause it’s gravity next: “Please nerf fall damage cause I cannot jump off a 30ft cliff in full plate armour without taking damage which really limits my choices when fighting a boss on Skittergate…”

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man… did I write nerft it? I’m asking to fix the hitd map darkness, so cannot be cheated changing the graphics settings and to add a torch.

You didn’t, but someone did, and we’ve been responding to that.
There have been comments about the cart as well, though.

still I fail to find it :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically this.

The light moving in Hunger in the Dark when you are standing nearby is the annoying part. You want to be pushing alongside the light, but that’s either the wrong choice and/or not possible (given elite ambient and horde spawns). You can see fine if you manipulate graphic settings, but obviously that’s not an ideal solution. I think adding more torches (like the ones at the switches) could be a plausible solution.

I’d be happy with blightreaper having a couple more braziers, since I actively dislike the torch mechanics. I don’t want to be picking up a torch in order to see (and be unable to contribute meaningfully while doing so). Then if you drop the torch the light source comes awkwardly from floor level. I do like the mechanic of moving from light source to light source with the braziers, since it can shake up the normal horde-funneling play-style while also reducing the effectiveness of ranged attacks.

Was the darkness boss spawn fixed in Hunger in the Dark? It was rare but always felt like a huge middle finger.

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About the boss I don’t know, I remember getting it, and I don’t mind, just a little bit of give and take. It’s ok in legend getting a boss in the dark place (both of the maps) just let me use something to at least be able to try to fight my way out of it.

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