Darkness of Heresy Weekly Event

I’m not a fan of forcing a player to carry a torch around for the whole map. The worst part of the Blightreaper and Hunger in the Dark were the absolute darkness where you needed to huddle around lights.
So the most annoying part of the game was turned into a “challenging” weekly event. I think it should be replaced with something else. The previous challenge where the population of enemies basically tripled was fun, for example.


I think fun comes in a lot of different flavors for a lot of different people. I, personally, agree that darkness is my least favorite environment to fight in. That doesn’t mean that other people don’t love the feeling of being trapped in shadows with a single holdout for light.

There’s a certain tension that is applied to your team to see that glimmer of a Gutter-Runner’s blades or a Rattling’s ammo-tank, a suspense in hearing the Pack-Master’s clacking-skulls before they reach your friend who didn’t hear them… and then hitting them in the head with a shot at 20 meters using the backdrop of a Sienna explosion. The feeling is so overwhelmingly epic that it’s hard to replace.

Legend players have to change their kiting tactics for raw-holdout tactics (in some cases) to survive. That alone attests that this sort of event is doing good to rock the boat.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: To each their own. :slightly_smiling_face:


While I think the new mutator gives a fantastic spooky atmosphere and brilliant new dynamics, I am only playing it once a day whereas I played the Twins exclusively while it ran.

The darkness is quite good, and I personally think it needs just a few more tweaks to make it a bit more “fun” and mostly this is just giving a little bit more light source - one more torch should be fine, OR let a player dual wield a 1h weapon + torch OR give many many more of the rats/chaos horde a torch to carry which cast similar light to the players.

Playing Fort Branstonpickle in the dark makes the whole siege with cannonballs and warpstone rocks getting launched all over the place an amazing view, and the Fort also has lots of burning things like the carts near 2nd tome that help light the area - bad news is running blindly off the edge directly into the river is damn bloody seriously annoying.

I’m quite happy, that they made darkness only into a (short) weekly event and not another dlc-map.
I would really enjoy a darkness/light mutator, if everyone would get a personal semi-torchlight lighting about 5 meters without having to carry a torch. But definitely not like it is done this week.

So, I’m leaving this comment as a personal feedback for further map design:
No further torch-maps plz!

(I really enjoyed the Tzeentch-mutator the week before)

My group has the same opinion, its nice to have something different but this is a bit too much and not fun to play more than a few times. Some maps are way harder and seeing as the maps are random it ends up being more frustrating than fun.

We agreed that lessening the severity of the darkness would help.

One suggestion: add small ambient light sources around the map to make natural hold points, which could add a spooky lighting effect increasing the ambiance.

Another: granting more than one torch, as we found the normal dark parts of maps (like hunger or blightreaper) to be the easiest b/c we got more light sources.

Tldr: This extreme darkness mode inst that fun, though it is challenging and kills pace.

And a final remark: if this is some sort of trial for the grey wind modifier in the winds of magic expansion be wary of doing exactly this for the above reasons. Personally i feel a lesser version has merit, say a system were the further from other heroes you are the darker it gets for everyone but you more so. And if everyone is together everyone gets about half the current darkness effects. This would encourage people to stick together while being less crippling to visibility.

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