"Darkness of heresy" not applying to "enchanter's lair"

There was no darkness. We had a torch, and we couldn’t ping far specials, like in the weekly event, but the map itself had its normal lighting.

PS on a side note, I love this event, it’s my favorite, I really like seeing the sparse sources of ambient lighting. If more work will be done on them, coudl I suggest lighting up the skaven rooftops in “into the nest”? Like the aurora sky for skittergate, if they would be implemented they would really add to the experience. (the map will be a bit easier, but it’s quite a long trek to get there anyway, I don’t think it will spoil it)


I’ve seen this on Garden of Morr.

it’s odd because you’d think it’s a dlc thing (i guess it kinda is) but it was working on Old Haunts - a few weeks ago at least

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