Enchanter's Lair: where are Darkness and Traps?

Could I be totally honest? I’m getting a little bit tired about these wasted opportunities… Like title says, where are the traps like in Vermintide 1? Where is the darkness to fight with torches?
They were already ready from the old Vermintide… You just cut off them… Why?

They were a great opportunity to add some variety… To make the map really unique.

Currently it has a nice art design… But it’s just an empty contenitor where fight enemies.

It’s nice when a map isn’t only a place where fight but it gives a little challenge, something unique (darkness, traps, maze, puzzle, a swamp that slows down, acid, etc etc)… Seeing many other your maps I know that you, Fatshark, agree about this… Were you worried because some players hate the darkness? You can’t make happy everyone… And the dark maps are ONLY TWO. In this way you make unhappy who loves these mechanics (darkness, etc etc).

I really can’t understand.

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I personally can’t stand fighting in the Darkness with torches and never play the BlightReaper for this very reason. Even Hunger In The Dark makes me annoyed following the cart and getting a boss trigger/wipe.

So I’m really happy that there is no darkness.

I understand some people really like it but I suspect that those people are in a minority. Darkness Causes Wipes, it’s as simple as that.

The Darkness weekly event (if the deeds rework is still making headway) would be a solution for those players who like it, but forcing it into a map is a decision that has been very poorly received in the past - even going right back to the original VT1 dungeons.


Everyone has his opinion, and it’s nice, but about this point:

Many things can cause a wipe in this game… It’s Vermintide… Don’t players play it also because it needs skill?
This is the defenition of challenge I talked about in the original post: add some difficulties. I mean, there are many maps that follow this logic.

Maybe you are right, but none can know it… we can only know that the dark Maps are a tight minority (two).

To be clear… I don’t want ti convince you, everyone has his opinion, I’m just explaining Better my idea.

Id be ok with the old traps.
But just like (I assume) most others I really dislike darkness. I am totally happy it doesnt have darkness.


A missed opportunity for sure. Traps could’ve been interesting and would’ve been a nice nod to VT1.

Darkness if utilized well could also be interesting. Blightreaper used darkness pretty well as opposed to Hunger in the Dark but I think Torches could be improved so that throwing them on the ground wouldn’t mess up the light emitter as much.

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That “true” darkness is also not my favourite, I would like to have a version where you can barley see things in the distance and not just a 3m vision radius… but for the new map it would really add more ambient, right now (dunno if thats because of my graphics) everything is super bright and lightning strikes are also seen in corridors where there is not even a window… honestly the whole light settings on the new map are kinda f****ed up and ruin the ambient quite alot.

Traps and stuff could have been a nice addition too, our heros even talk about those big damn spider nets but there are neither giant spiders not do the nets do anything, like slow you down if you do not destroy them or anything…

But non the less, the new boss is awesome, really like the small intro, not to long and nice to watch (better then listen to 2h Burblepoops official address) :+1:


@Alistair @DeMasked @Unskinner

It could be a good compromise… I mean, at least the traps!

P.s I agree with @Unskinner about the ambient lights… I don’t like them.

I haven’t played VT1 so I don’t know what kind of traps you guys are talking about.

But please, for the love of Sigmar, no more levels with total darkness parts in it.

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I enjoyed the references without the teeth, darkness has been filled in other maps and is really annoying. Could go either way with traps really enjoyed opening the door and trying to get through again… tho in hindsight that much fall should be damaging =p

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It doesn’t really make sense for Enchanter’s lair, since it’s a remake of Castle Drachenfels, if you were expecting darkness and traps, it would have been on the map Blood in the Darkness, a remake of The Dungeons from V1.

What does it mean?

Do you mean there are trap doors? Door with an “abyss” behind?

Yes, you are right, but I hoped that, since we haven’t seen darkness or traps into the previous map, Fatshark had added them into the final one.

I just would like to see at least the traps into at least one of the last three maps.

Well darkness maps already exist with bogenhafen so they probably choose to avoid the redundancy. Thoses maps are great the way they are to be honest.


The traps were talking about were just some spiek traps that were easily identifyable and could be jumped over. They were only really a “threat” when your got surrounded or were lazy.

Even if I don’t agree, I can understand the darkness… But the traps? They should be present.

Better than nothing… and anyway Fatshark could have reworked them.

Thoses traps could have been laid in previous drachenfels map (I’m not against or for adding them, if they fit, why not).
But adding anything in this current finale map would detract it a bit from the boss fight (which is the main thematic of the map with the “lots of secrets room” part); it would probably “too much stuff for one map”.