Darkness of heresy lightsources

I can’t really say if those are bugs, but i found some ‘unnatural’ lightsources while playing the event (huge fan btw, my group and me have a lot of fun playing all the maps). It seems like they are just leftovers, only a handful per map, i will expand this list while playing them.
Edit: If the community finds some, they are free to share them here, too.
Here you go:

This one might be a hard one to fix, i would not mind it staying in if it’s too much trouble. It’s in the little chapel on Horn of Magnus, 1st grim.

This is on Righteous Stand, after the event when all the windows open.

On Fort Brachsenbrücke (hah, no problem speaking that out, am german :stuck_out_tongue: ), to the right before the little bridge leading to the 2nd grim.

This one is right after 3rd tome on Fort Brachsenbrücke.

Start of the map in Halescourge.

Also Halescourge: It’s the water coming down from the canals, before the crumbling craterside part.

This one is is on Convocation of Decay, behind the 3 gates, to the right. There is no lightsource on the table.
Request: please add back some of the lanterns on the map, the occasional lightsources just really add to the flair. Same goes for other maps, altough it was most noticable on this one. More of that later.

Skittergate, behind the ‘official’ entrance (with the burning wheel thingie) on/along the ceiling. Multiple lights without a clear source.

Entrance to the ice cave (on Skittergate).

In the ice cave, main cavern, on the right side of the ceiling, little ligh shaft. (pls don’t alter the ice itself, maybe even re-add that effect to the following section outside, it looks awesome!)

The shortcut to the 2nd tome at the end of the ice cave.

Foam on the bow of a longship, after the ice cave, infront of the iced in longship.

Huge request: Please, please, please, could you in some way, shape or form, re-add the auroras in the sky? Maybe in a way that does not cast a light? It’s an awesome part of the map that would immensely add to the experience. Thank you! :heart:

Last but not least, the following ones are all along the ravine in Athel Yenlui:

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