Easter eggs etc

Just a thought but have anyone tried destroying all the lanterns in any one map ?
Can’t wrap my head around why they would make just about every object solid and only the lanterns destroyable.

Not only the lanterns are destructible or otherwise interactable. Groups of candles can be blown out, all kinds of bottles and jars can be broken, skulls can be kicked around… There are a lot of little things that can be interacted with, and all of it is just flavor or visual stuff.

To be honest, no, I haven’t tried to break everything in anywhere but the Keep. But there it’s my regular bored hobby to shoot at lanterns and candles. And skulls’ eyes.


haha i always shoot at lanterns, sometimes even in the thick of combat. i can’t resist.

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Well, on Blightreaper at the first grim lies a small skeleton with three legs.
Seems to be the famous three-legged-goblin from Bögenhafen.
Is that the kind of easter egg you were asking for?


Amongst others, yes. Could be anything really that requires players to inspect the map at detail. Could be a book ine the convocation of delay library that could be pulles out fir a secret door to open wherein a chest with information on the end times where stashed. Etc

I haven’t tried it yet but on hunger in the dark. You can fill the cart with explosives barrels AGAIN after pulling the lever to set it off. This could unlock a secret level.

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