A new challange for Blightreaper.

Yeah you gonna hate me but listen here…
I found a bug that involves the torches from the dark part and the rest of the map.
You can get a torch to the sword ,Blightreaper" and it would be funny if that triggered to burns the place and lets you walk a NEW WAY and gives you 2 loot dice as an reward[plus the challange in Okris book for the first time].

How it would look like/work?
In the dark part you must find 3 switches[they arent surrounded by the white outline] that need to be hit with a torch[or by pressing E with a torch in hand], it would make a bling sound if all got hit and the watterfall is gone[you could make the last switch in the room with the grim].
You now can carry 1-2 torches thru the map and get it to the last part[nothing special].
When at the Blightreaper room you throw the torch at a specific spot to lit the thing on fire and then grab the sword. The way you suppose to walk thru gets blocked[or doesnt even open up] and a new one opends up with an prepared squad that charges into the big room to kill you[4 chaos Warriors from the path, 6 maroders from the path, a horde of skaven slvaes out of the holes and a ratlingun on the top.(difficulty legende spawns)].
After you beat all you get 2 loot dice[or more, its just an idea] in a chest after you walked down the path.
In the path leads around the end and drops you from the hill down into the blue bubble[the end thing]

This challange should be rewarded with a commandidant[the Level up chest] chest as a non-legend run and as a legende run 1 Bögenhafen chests and a deed ;Job isnt done yet;.

It gives you no chest[but the chest that you get when ending a map], its a legend deed, and takes you to the end of the second map and it has unlimited uses.
It starts at the Blightreaper Event[after all locks are opend] and you get an alternativ ending for the Blightreaper map where you actually use the effect of having only THP.

But that seems like a real fast way to get chests ay? Not really, you can only use it after you compleeted the Blightreaper[does not stack, like make 5 times the map but you can only Play it once because it was “activ”]. You could squeez books/grims into is but it could be like ,A quiet drink".

Thats it… and all inspiered by a bug that I found… and a torch.
-From me.

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