Hunger in the dark - Miniboss in the dark

Can we remove the miniboss that can spawn in the darkness area by the Engelbert Junction/The Transfer?
This is pretty much the only thing that is keeping me from playing this map on a regular basis. I know it is certainly possible to beat it with a decent team, and I’ve managed to defeat a Stormfiend here. If you Get a Spawn of Chaos with a dozen Stormvermin ambients at the same time as a horde, you are pretty much guaranteed to wipe in a PUG.
This is just an issue of a significant difficulty spike, being unable to tag the boss, and the fact that all enemies have the same aggro range as in daylight means that this can become one of the hardest areas in the game - if you are unlucky.


but… that’s the fun of the map!

My biggest problem really is just getting everything at once. Boss + Horde + a dozen specials + heaps of elites.
What I would prefer over any change to Hunger in the Dark itself is to significantly reduce the number of specials that spawn during a boss fight, and to at the very least reset the horde timer.
For me this map has one of my lower success rates due to the frequency of getting everything at once, in the dark. The Dungeons was never as horrendous.

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I top that with chaos patrol + miniboss + specials + horde!
It’s really dumb that you lose all visibility, can’t tag anything and yet you can get all that in that bloody cave.

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Hunger in the dark just got added to my insta-skip maps next to Skippergate and Against the grain.

get someone to go down into the dark and pull the boss up if there’s one.

but of course, tactics like this wouldn’t work at all because no one would be keen to try something different in quickplay. it’s always the whole team going down into the dark together with the cart, obviously people will face the same problems if you do the same things.

It’s hard to get people to listen to anything in pugs. At least in my experience on legend EU.

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Lol, sounds like none of the people here played The Dungeons in Vermintide 1. Now THAT was dark.

The dark makes it challenging and more fun! Fair if you decide you don’t want to play it, but they should leave it the same.

Hmmm, I guess it must have been another post where I compared this area to the Dungeons. I would say that no part of the Dungeons were ever as difficult as this one area can be if you get an unlucky run. For the most part the area is fine, a horde + a few armored ambients + 3-4 specials, not too bad - pretty fun.

Dungeons can get a bit dicey at the top of the stairs near the second grimoire if you get a patrol or an ogre. Honestly even that doesn’t come close the the spike in Hunger if you are unfortunate enough to get something like:

We’re not suggesting to remove the darkness, just fix the spawns.

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Another thing to take note of, people who play on lower setting see a lot better in there. Just like the start of Against the grain.

That’s fair, the spawns have been pretty wonky! Looks like they tweaked them in the patch that came out today, I’m excited to see how it is now.

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