Some spawn place are always gonna screw you up

I recently died on champion in into the darkness because at the dark section we got horde plus troll plus special spawns. Until then nothing happened. We had no problem at all.
I am a bit angry because this spawn place is just horrible. You see nothing, you got not very much space and with so many enemies incoming its a plain unfair situation.
There are so many places were bosses are ok.
In v1 in dungeons getting ogre in the darkness in cata or nightmare was also not very nice but manageable.
You could move the light and killing the ogre was not that hard, but a troll in itself is a threat.
I find this combination of circumstances way too hard.
Your opinions?

It would be nice if you could move over enemies on the ground, some stuff like Krugers shout/charge could really help in such situations
(right now you can charge and then get stuck by circle of enemies on ground :smiley: )

Yes that dark area is a brutal position for any skilled party to deal with any boss+horde.

Thats just the AI director having a murder rage fit.

I have survived situations like you describe, in the same scenario. You really need potion proxy, maybe a bomb or 2 and some skill to survive that. Have seen this in legend. Have wiped alot of times but also survived a lot of times. Dont fret on the wipes much. Bosses on legend in a narrow corridor or tight position and the AI director planning your groups murder isnt a fault of skill - its just bad luck sometimes. Accept that and move on, try again.

Dont feel you suck because you died in a very low survival rate situation. Those scenarios happen in the game, just dont believe you are terrible because the game wipes you.

Hi, I appreciate that you have something to say, and as a rule I am interested in what other people have to say, if you could you start a new thread rather than raising older threads it would be great. This is at least 4 threads you’ve necro’s in the last two days.

Have a confession, I don’t know how I found the thread exactly, but I have not been paying attention to the dates when a last post was made. I read something, think its a current discussion, and post. Lol. I will be paying closer attention to dates next time.

It’s great your interested enough to search out some of these things.

It’s all good, I just find myself reading something in the necro’d thread that has changed with a patch and wonder what the hell is going on, check the dates and ugh… I usually find what you have to say on the topic quite accurate, but…

I’d suggest linking in the older threads to a new one if you think they are relevant to what you have to say.

I’ll toss out a guess and say it’s probably through the “suggested topics” below any existing thread. That shows up threads that are more or less relevant to what you’re reading (no idea about the algorithms), but one thing it doesn’t consider is the age of the threads.

At one point a property was implemented which automatically locks down threads after a week of silence, but that doesn’t apply retroactively, so a lot of old threads are still open, even if they are very much irrelevant now or have been silent for more than half a year.

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