Chaos Spawn is incredibly frustrating to deal with

I’ve killed Chaos Spawns on Veteran, but I still don’t feel like I have any good idea of how to beat them properly. It feels completely down to map location as to whether or not the fight goes well - and it’s often a wipe in enclosed spaces.

Someone will get excessive amounts of focus and die. Everyone will take a bunch of damage from random swings and there feels like no useful skill or strategy to employ.

There’s no ranged attack to dodge.
There’s no weakspot behind it and you’ll probably just get a wild tentacle swing in the face anyway.
You can’t keep out of range because it’s faster than you and just as agile.
There doesn’t seem to be anyway to tank it or pull it off someone else. (it seems to hold aggro WAY more than the other three)

It’s just freaking annoying and NOTHING wipes me more.

Yeah the Rat Ogre and Flamethrower boss are maybe a bit easy but the Spawn is just no fun.


Some career skills stagger it when it grabs someone preventing it from leeching health. I agree though, that there should be a way to make it let go without having to rely on class actives.


You can kite it safely if you dodge and move backwards and clockwise(your left). That way you get minimal to no damage (if you block while dodging), and wont get grabbed by the tentacle, since it stops and swings from your right.
While someone is kiting you can shoot it, jump in for 1-2 strikes, and then jump out. It usually targets the guy with most damage aggro, but im not totally sure about this. Anyway i found the spawn much more easier than the troll, and the other two bosses are trivial imo.


Other than 3 people being able to do free damage without any risk of getting hit? I think it is fine as is.

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“Other than”? Do you mean to say that 3 people being able to do free damage makes it let go? If not your post does not make sense as currently phrased.

I like the idea of weakspots, like that babyskav on stormfiend. Both chaos spawn and bile troll should have some weakspot, maybe troll that mouth on his tummy and the chaos spawn … well … also something …:stuck_out_tongue:

Those could be used to stagger the boss, deal bonus damage, or just interrupt special attacks. Maybe something like that trolls mouth being opened once in a while and chaos spawn could grow some extra tentacle for you to cut off once in a while.

I think the biggest problem with chaos spawn is that multi-hit-wombo-combo-aoe attack where it looks more like dark souls than vermintide :v2: for a moment.

But aside from that chaos spawn and I are great friends and we dont have problems with each other.:peace_symbol:

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it has a head like thing with the teeth, you can headshot it there, also as i noticed it takes more damage from my longbow for example than a troll. Also try fighting the dancer of the boreal valley in dark souls 3, you will immediately wish for multiple spawns instead, without hesitation…

No I am saying that everything has pros and cons. The bosses pro is he life leeches from a player. The cons are three heroes will nuke him into oblivion. But I take it you are yet another of those players who refuse to see mechanics and logic in the game and rather shout for nerfs where none is needed. The mechanic is solid, stay too close, get eaten. Get eaten, teammates do damage. There are always risks in a game. Especially this one.

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I believe thats only headshot, but an actual special weakpoint that isnt directly on head, that is closer to what I was thinking.

Sure I can see that, but I never argued against there being risks. I just said that there’d be more ways to make it let go, which itself is a game mechanic. I’d like if you can achieve something via magic button™ (read: active ability), you can achieve it via organic gameplay (eg. aim and shoot an arrow into its eye). The active abilities already feel like crutches (can’t hit a gutter runner with your bow? Fat finger that F-key and seem like a hero), so I don’t see any reason staggering bosses should exclusively rely on them. There could even be a tradeoff: do you want to do damage or spend time freeing your teammate?

tldr: I didn’t call for nerfs. You thinking I want it nerfed when I suggest adding additional gameplay mechanics is baffling.

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Adding mechanics to defeat the boss or counter certain mechanics that are already counterable is to me a nerf. You just want more tools than already give to complete a simple encounter because you had a bad run, bad teamplay and do not understand how it works. A nerf is a nerf.


Shouldn’t be being grabbed at all, only bad players get grabbed.

The animations big and all you need to one dodge backward.

You can actually stop his eating if you hit him in the head enough. Its either on a damage threshold or just from hitting him enough times in the head.

You’re reading too much into my comments and spouting panicked ad hominems to save face. If I’d like to have a mechanic I can give feedback on it. My wishing there was a different mechanic does not make it so that I want to have the encounter be easier. This is something you fabricated in your own mind and you are arguing against it for some reason (unfounded elitism?). We have a name for those kinds of arguments: Strawmen.

Each suggestion that adds depth to the game could conceivably make the game easier. For example if there was no way to jump in the game and I suggested that you be able to jump, it would obviously make the game easier. But it’s not our job to balance the game. Players being able to jump allows the developers to create more challenging situations because jumping can be used to escape them. I don’t think we need to preface each gameplay enhancement suggestion with a corresponding “nerf” to account for anyone’s obtuseness.

By that logic good players should never lose because all attacks are telegraphed and ergo counterable. I guess there are no good players. :roll_eyes:

Coo’. Have to test it out.

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Here again the same situation.
You talk about chaos spawn being ok, too easy, and dont nerf it.
Is the situation really ok?

When I play with friends, we usually go for legendary. I play Sir Old Kruber 101,12% of the time, and I play foot knight. All I do is carry healing items while my friends do all the work.
What happens when we meet boss?
I slurp my purple potion and one of my friends hands me second.
And then?
Then I just smack F :pause_button: like there is no tomorrow.
And then? Boss is dead in 10 seconds, did 0 damage because he was perma stunned and I still have half of my purple potion up and F prepared.

And then? You visit forum and there is guy saying that creating viable, intelligent mechanic with weakspots to interrupt and stagger the boss is nerfing and that current situation is better. :woman_facepalming:

I have noticed your profile pic and from the experience I have so far with you I am deciding on ignoring you. Your comments are becoming way too obvious. :kissing_heart:

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It’s very easy, you can even solo it while you team does other stuff.
you block its 3 rapid attacks, then dodge back the grab and do a charged attack in the head. Repeat.

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Isn’t its sucker-face a weak spot? It doesn’t seem to be a bad place. Boss fights are all about knowing how to kite each boss to avoid damage, and fighting in the right kind of place to deal with it, even if this means backtracking. This is what makes some spawns so bad, like the maze spawn in Garden of Morr in VT1, and the cliff spawn in Righteous Stand. No good space to fight, and you can’t backtrack.

The Chaos Spawn is more aggressive than the others, and has its grab. Sometimes you get grabbed if you’re suffering a lot of lag or are off on your gameplay, but it’s not a particularly hard encounter. You just have to be more conservative as the kiter than with the Rat Ogre, whom we all know how to dodge-dance.

No single enemy in this game is THAT dangerous. The danger from them comes in combination. A Chaos Spawn and a horde is much more dangerous than either alone.

Two games in a row we had a Choas Spawn at the cliff in Righteous Stand along with a horde, and one of the games we had SV pack (diff was champion and we all laughed about it)

edit: oh we died both times lol but we thought the challenge was fun (would have beat it the time without the pack but a friend walked off the ledge right at the start of the fight)

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Spawn seems alright. The charge is easily blocked and his tentacle is easily backdodged. The only thing he has going for him is his heal if he does bite someone, but that can be interrupted by Foot Knight, Merc, Bounty Hunter, and Witch Hunter ults. Maybe bombs can do it too? Not sure.

yea, the bomb also works