Anyone else setting the ambient lighting to low because otherwise he can't see anything?

I can hardly see any enemies in the darker maps of the game. That was never the problem in VT1.


i can’t see anything on the cave map but i’ve seen ppl’s screenshots where it isn’t as dark but if i change brightness it looks insanely bad especially on different maps/in the keep

Yeah using shade ult in mines is a death sentence. Had to up my Gamma whilst playing her …

It certainly helps to turn some of the settings down though.

Defending inside the church is a cake walk when the lighting is down, you can actually see - the difference is crazy.

And this is so stu*id… playing low settings, therefore don’t allow the game to give us its 100%, should not more easy.


Yes it is especially difficult when playing zealot since his ult dims the screen. it becomes difficult to see in already low light maps like the cave and the end cathedral in rightous stand.

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Let me present you sanctified mod:

Lowers the ult screen coverage by some margin as a default behaviour and you can even disable that screen change totally and even disable the extra sound during ult, which usually just make you deaf to others reporting specials and maybe even more, I didn’t went through all of the settings for most heroes, just disabled screen and music effect on slayer as movement speed is enough of indicator. All is totally ok as this mod has been sanctified by Fatshark.

You’re responding to a thread that’s almost 12 months old. XD

But, funnily enough. I had a game this week on hunger in the dark. Boss spawned as we entered the room with the 2nd tome. I was playing Salty and burst the troll down to 40% HP with BoP and bomb. The entire party moved on and left me with the troll and horde that spawned. They pushed ahead down to the bridge and room with the 2nd grim. They died to the ambiant SV and I finally got overwhelmed by the troll and horde plus the SV they pulled. When I asked what they were doing, they said they can’t fight there cause it’s too dark. So it turns out people still don’t play with ambiant light on low… RIP

Well, yeah, when playing on anything but low, hunger in the dark “dark” part I can’t really see anything. It’s fun and immersive and stuff, but it’s just bad that by switching to “low” you can get a pretty decent visibility. So either ruin it for everyone but introduce a torch for someone to carry, or boost the brightness for “high” users.

I still maintain that Sienna and candles on Hats should cast a smaller amount of light for these areas - just enough for the player who is playing Sienna to see and be seen by their companions. It might actually make some hats useful.

Makes the torch obsolete, but hey - it’s annoying having to carry it anyway.

[HOLY Sigmar I just replied to an 11 month old thread. ]

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11 months old and still not fixed!
Saltz also has a candle-hat. Anyway, yeah, it’s kind of bad that it doesn’t really act as a lightsource so I have to rely on fellow Ironbreaker drakefire pistol spam when in total darkness and without the torch around :stuck_out_tongue:

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